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How to play bananagrams

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Bananagrams is a speed game similar to Scrabble and Boggle. Everyone is playing at the same time as Boggle and each player has to be a combination of words that cross each other like Scrabble.


Method 1 Play by the traditional rules

  1. Open the banana. Unzip the banana-shaped bag and place all of the tiles on a flat surface, such as a table or the floor.

  2. Reveal all the tiles. The tiles must all be face down on the table, the letters must not be visible.

  3. Distribute the stones to each player. The number of tiles distributed at the start of the game depends on the number of players. For a 2-4 player game, draw 21 tiles at a time. For a game with 5 or 6 players, you draw 15 pieces at a time. For a game with 7 or 8 players, draw 11 tiles at a time. Group the remaining tiles in the middle of the table, they form the "diet".

  4. say banana split. Once the tiles are distributed, say "banana split". This is the signal that starts the game. All players can start to return their tiles.

  5. Make a combination of words. The tiles can be positioned vertically or horizontally, but never diagonally. The goal is to create words with all the letters distributed to you.
    • For example, if you don't want to use any of the letters you drew, if you don't have enough vowels, or if you have too many consonants, say "exchange". Put the letter back between the middle tiles and draw three more letters instead.

  6. Scream Banana peel. When you've used all of your tiles to create a combination of words call out "banana peel". Double-check your suit before yelling to make sure you haven't made a mistake. Everyone has to draw a tile.

  7. Place your new letters. You can move your tiles as often as you like. For example, if you were drawing a D, you could replace the T of WIND with a D and create the word SELL. You can now use the D to complete another word. For example, add the letter T to the end of DON and create the word DONT. You used all the letters intelligently.

  8. The game stops when there are not enough stones in the pile. Keep playing until there are no more stones in the draw pile or when the number of stones in the draw pile is less than the number of participants. The first one who manages to create a combination with all his letters screams "Banana". He wins the game.

  9. Do another round. Flip all the tiles over, shuffle them, place them in the center of the table, draw new letters, and start again.

Method 2 Play as a team

  1. Place the tiles face down in the center of the table. The game contains 144 tiles that can be turned over. If you want to make a faster game, you can decrease the number of tiles. Pay attention to the letters that you remove. Some letters are more important than others in making good combinations.

  2. Give 7 face-down stones to each player. Place the rest of the letters face down in the center of the table. If you only play 2 or 3 you can increase the number of stones per person. Each player's tiles must be in front of him.
    • Some people don't like to choose their tiles in their place, but let them draw their own letters if necessary.

  3. Turn the tiles over and contribute to the word combination every round. All players participate in the same combination. If a player wishes to keep his tiles face down, this is permitted but not required. This type of play makes it possible to work together to use all of the tiles.
    • You can also help each other if you want. Player A says, "Peter! If you put your S at the end of the word BANANA, I could put the word SUPERB. This will speed up the game. If you prefer to play every man for himselfThe competition will only get tougher and the game will be just as fun.

  4. Give other letters. When a player has used all of their letters, give them 7 additional letters. If he can't say a word, he has to make his move. This rule asks players to put a letter or two on the table for an already formed word and makes the game more exciting.
    • To keep track of the frequency with which a player places the letters of their pile, change the number of tiles each time they draw. The second time he can move 8 stones, the third time 9 stones. That way, the best players, the fastest, can give a hand to players who are struggling to finish their stacks.

  5. Quit the game. Continue working on the combination until all of the tiles have been used. If you prefer, you can increase the competition by indicating who made the longest word, who finished their stack first, and who helped at the end of the game. What are your strengths? And those of your friends? Most of all, have fun!

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