Which countries did the Romans conquer?

Which countries did the Ottomans conquer / defeat?

At the time they were provinces, not entire countries

When Osman I started to expand his provinces, it stayed in Anatolia for the time being.

Only then did the Ottomans / Turks expand towards Europe, Asia and Africa.

In addition, today's maps will not show the power of the Ottoman Empire.

Only the coast of Arabia was rich in the Ottoman Empire, but the Ottomans controlled everything within Arabia.

Even Morocco was for example. Conquered by the Ottomans very briefly and very little, but the Ottomans controlled the trade that leads out of the Mediterranean.

That's why today's cards won't show you the power.

You have to know that the Ottomans did not expand or fought for the Turks or for themselves, but for Islam and the Muslims, under one rule - the caliphate

During the 1st wk. Muslim volunteers from almost every country sided with the Ottomans and became our ┼čehit (martyrs)

If you are interested in the Ottoman Empire and the like, I recommend the facebook page: The true history of Turkey

They translate a lot of information from the archives from Ottoman Turkish and explain it.