The game caps wholesale

Reagent hunt in Uldaman

Bring twelve magenta fungus caps to Ghak Healtouch in Thelsamar.


I've heard of a newly discovered plant, the magenta fungus caps. They grow in clusters deep inside the Uldaman dig site; maybe they can be found elsewhere, but so far this is the only place I know of where they thrive. I want to research its potential alchemy uses, and for that I need you.

Find the magenta fungus cap tufts and bring me a dozen caps. But be warned - the plants may emit poisonous spores if you bump into them.

If you do this for me, I will brew you a batch of my famous regeneration elixir!


Did you get the magenta fungus caps that I need for my alchemical work? No caps - no reward!


Well done , you have proven your worth once more! The mushroom caps will truly be an interesting study object!

And now, as promised, enjoy a taste of my effective regeneration brew from my personal supply ...

If you are a skilled alchemist, there may be other business for us. Regardless of that, I thank you for your help!


You get:


Upon completing this quest, you will receive:
If you enter the following in-game, you can check that you have already completed this:
/ run print (IsQuestFlaggedCompleted (17))


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