What is Eurest Chicken Salad



Shoot the whole production in one day? - Ambitious, but not impossible! At Thomastik-Infeld (http://www.thomastik-infeld.com) the program was very tight and so we managed the almost impossible with the support of all employees. Now we also know what it takes to produce a world-class set of strings - and has been for almost 100 years. We had a lot of fun and especially thank Ms. Infeld, Mr. Klanner and Ms. Haberlehner for the good cooperation.


High quality craftsmanship from the heart of Vienna - that's what belts and suspenders from Karlinger stand for. The company is now run by the third generation of the family, owner and managing director, Mag. Thomas Wurzer. Founded in 1947 by his grandmother, the successful Viennese company with two employees in Alserstrasse is no longer an insider tip, but is still the first point of contact for those who are looking for traditionally made suspenders or belts with that special something are. More at www.karlinger.com.

Dr. Bartolot zips

Dr. Astrid Bartolot-Zips is a clinical psychologist, therapist and coach with 25 years of experience in continuous training. Their extensive repertoire of methods also provides the most modern, clinically proven approaches such as The Yagarian Hypnosis Method or Brainspotting. Couples coaching, sublinal therapy or trauma therapy complete their offer.

Well planned

Bridal couples are in good hands in the hands of wedding planner Diana Christalon. With her network of service providers, she also fulfills unusual requests and prepares her bridal couple an unforgettable day. Bridal couples who have too little time to plan their dream wedding or who just need a little input for the perfect wedding day have come to the right place at www.durchgeplant.at.

Dr. med. Artner

At first glance, Ms. OÄ Dr.med.univ. Silvia Artner points out that art plays an important role in her life. The specialist in gynecology and obstetrics has established herself as a doctor of choice with her inviting ordination in the 8th district of Vienna (www.dr-artner.at). The morning passed during the photo shoot and wonderful portraits and atmospheric pictures of the rooms were created (see here). Thanks to Ms. Dr. Artner and Ms. Hamburger as well as to Dr. Martina Kostwein-Töfferl from Magenta16 in Vienna (www.Magenta16.at).


As a system restaurateur as well as in the area of ​​facility management, Eurest is diverse. Whether company kitchen, snack bar or event catering - Eurest stands for quality.

At the Advent Gala in Rapid's Allianz Stadium, it was therefore a well-rounded affair to be able to hold a delicious and exquisite buffet in a special atmosphere (more pictures).

Dr. med. Lynch

The specialist for organ screenings, Ms. OÄ Dr.med.univ. Lynch accompanies expectant mothers, but is also a recognized expert in the field of breast health. The elective doctor with her own practice in Vienna (www.ppm-wien.com) works closely with the practice for prenatal medicine in Linz (www.ppm-linz.at).


It took more than three years to combine the finest Belgian chocolate, Irish whiskey and cream in a completely new, innovative way.

Therefore, only one of the best addresses in Vienna was suitable for product presentation in Austria. That's what Diageo thought (www.diageo.com) and presented its product Baileys Chocolat Luxe in “Meinl am Graben”.

Nursing home Simmering

Welcome to the nursing home Simmering! In a modern ambience, the KAV offers small residential units for long-term care requirements as well as for people with dementia. Generous lounge areas in each living area serve as social meeting points for meeting other residents, employees and visitors.