What does ho seh liao mean

Dream Cruise is Docking In Singapore (World Dream)

dleodleo said:

Do share your experience when you are back. thanks.

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I think I will summaries my experience in pros and cons (as a suite guest)

Priority boarding and butler service, exclusive dream palace restaurant and specialty restaurant dining. Nice big and new ship, palace suite is Super nice with 5 star hotel feel.

Outdoor cinema very shiok and comfy, zouk music is good (with pathetic crowd thou) 360 bar very good concept ppl can gamble and listen live performance

Mark best by bistro is really good, steak is the best!

Delay boarding for 2 hours, those book balcony and below Q Long Long, very chaotic.
Staff mainly Chinese, most have u owe them 2 million face
Quite crowded, but mainly at the casino
Long Q at dining room but inside half filled, still took 15 mins to serve dinner.
Staff not good knowledge, ask 10 thing 9 dunno
Not much entertainment and the dream voyager show is disappointing, the astronaut and mermaid come out perform separately then only 10 second meet (not even interacting) then show over, I stun like vegetable. Royal Caribbean show is so much better.

Actually I really dunno how to comment Liao, summary is u got money book suite to chill and gamble then ok, if book balcony and below Ho seh Liao prepare to QQ and Q, or just keep gambling, it is just a bigger star cruise trying to market high end but service cannot make it la.
If family cruise, I suggest royal Caribbean. If want gamble, book cheapest room clock point and redeem free room go can Liao. Or like me sot sot want no crowd to chillax book suite room, the suite guest pool shiok no crowd all sunbed let u choose jacuzzi also your own self one, but price double la