Yogi Bhajan quotes mothers who have died


Slipped into the New Year with relatives in Napoli, or, better yet, bombed into it. A roar that the houses and window panes shake. Everything crazy!

Been to a harmonium workshop and decided to only float barefoot over meadows in the future. Taught the last yoga class before the baby break and caught a bad stomach infection, exactly one day before my birthday. Disgusting. (haha!)

Have been hypnobirthing in the hope of a painless birth [sic!]. Well, some call it hypnosis, others deep relaxation. Except that hypnosis chatter makes me slightly aggressive. I was already quite pregnant at the Notwist concert.

Worked for a new agency, very pleasant, and attended a breastfeeding course. Whatever you don't do, wa.

Got a visit from a dear friend whom I met when I was 18 while excess camping in Cavallino. Unfortunately this time no traditional drinking till you drop. It's a shame. First time to see a neurologist. And I went to Böblingen, heavily pregnant, to buy my own harmonium.

"And now it's time to let go." I can no longer hear the chatter on the Hypnobirthing CD. Where is the baby

The baby is 11 days long in coming and is born on a Sunday in July. Difficult birth, caesarean section, transfer to the intensive care unit in another hospital, hypnobirthing my ass. After a week of exceptional circumstances, we are finally home, I have no sense of time.

In babyland. The man still has the whole month off and we try our hand at being a small family.

Everyday life is slowly but surely catching up with us. He can be pretty lonely at home with his baby. The first seminar weekend as a mom.

At night I write my final exam for the BDY, sleep is overrated anyway, and after a few weeks I'm on the gums. The baby is also teething and cannot do without mom - I manage to regress exactly twice. Exhausting.

Try to find my way in my new role and go to Mami Baby Yoga and Pekip. Mothers are a weird bunch that I don't really want to warm to. Baby and man taken to the silence and meditation seminar in the Allgäu, how exhausting, but stamp on it and it's good.

The first Christmas for three, I insist on a Christmas tree and look forward to shining baby eyes. When the tree stands, the baby looks past it very penetratingly. And the man asks if we should put our CD collections together