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Valthume is a north ruin in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Location [edit | Edit source]

It is located in the Principality of Reach, east of Dushnikh Yal, south of Old Hrol'dan and west of Cradle Rock.

Structure and appearance Edit source]

Vestibule [edit | Edit source]

The first place you enter should be Valthume. There are roots, spider webs and moss hanging on the walls and floor and there are also mammoth and dragon skeletons. So that you can see better, there are fire bowls and candles, which were sometimes placed on bird-like statues. Right at the beginning you see in front of you, almost as if someone were waiting, a skeleton sitting on a throne.

Valthume [edit | Edit source]

Instead of just the bird-like statues, there are also statues that depict an older, male face with a beard. Four such sculptures stand in one place in a square with a coffin in the middle. This is Hevnoraak's coffin. The traps are tree trunks that rush towards you, flammable lanterns that fall on the ground and thus set fire to the flammable liquid on the ground, arrows that shoot towards you, and trap doors that open as soon as you step on them that are present in the ruin are triggered by pressure plates and make exploring this ruin difficult

Items are housed by the many urns, the smaller funeral urns, tables and shelves. There are also many Draugr graves and coffins here that you don't see so often in these ruins. A dragon lair can also be found. Otherwise the area is very similar to the vestibule.

Catacombs Edit source]

This place is not that different from the other two but there are more pull chains and other traps namely nail walls that come rushing towards you and soul stones that act as flamethrowers.

Opponent [edit | Edit source]

Fight against are Draugr, Frostbite Spiders, Skeever and Hevnoraak.

Finds [edit | Edit source]

There are special finds to be found at this location. These are the cloudy vessels needed to complete the quest to this location, the Dragon Claw Iron Claw and the Dragon Priest Mask Hevnoraak. On the way to the last of the murky vessels, guarded by some Draugr and Draugr Deathlords, one finds "Yah", the second word of the dragon's cry, aura whisper.

Special items Edit source]

  • Valthume cellar key (with a Draugr below the trap door)

People [edit | Edit source]

A ghost named Valdar appears in front of the player as soon as you step into the ruin. He asks you to destroy Hevnoraak.

Quests [edit | Edit source]

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