How do you play Agrario controls

How long have you been playing your musical instrument?

As mentioned above in the article, however, there are also moments when the question of the playing time of an instrument makes perfect sense.

This is the case for me when I take over a student from another teacher. The question helps me to assess what perhaps previous experience could already be available.

All too often I throw my original expectations overboard afterwards. Or rather: almost always. Because as already mentioned, every person is unique. It is also what you want and what you have learned in music lessons.

I'm also absolutely not a fan of working through a stubborn curriculum. Sure, the basics on the drums or the cajon have to be right. It doesn't work without them!

How long does it take someone to establish it? I would have to lie if I could give you a binding number of years for this.

But I don't want that either. Because the comparison would simply not do you and all the other students justice as individuals.

In this sense: Be nice to yourself and do not compare apples with pears. Are you a mango? That is also absolutely fine. :-) Anyway, a colorful fruit salad tastes much better than boring, uniform porridge.

Dig in!

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