Best rifle scope rings for Howa 1500

Twist length .22-250 - does 12 '' stabilize sufficiently in a Howa 1500?


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4 Feb 2011
I'm pretty sure that my stainless 22-250 sporter Howa had 1/14 "twist and 22" length. She shot 55 Nosler BT, 60gr Hornady SP under 20mm without any problems. My favorite was 52gr Nosler custom match that shot well under 10mm and was fantastic on Fuchs. We even shot some sika and red deer with the little 52gr. Although they didn't take a step back then, I didn't want to challenge my luck and switched to bigger things.
With 1/12 the 60gr would be worth a try. But there are also good 55gr bullets.