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Is conjugal intercourse or foreplay considered zinâ? Is it allowed to shower with the wife? Please answer me!


Praise be to Allaah, and may Allaah honor and prosper His Messenger and his family and companions!


Sexual intercourse or foreplay with the wife is not considered zinâ, but is rather an act pleasing to Allaah, the Majestic and Most High. The Prophet (may Allah honor him and give him well-being) said: “And intercourse is alms.” The companions of the prophets asked: “O Messenger, are we perhaps rewarded for one of us indulging in his urge?” He replied: “Do you not see that if he did it in what is forbidden? does he sin by doing this? In the same way he will be rewarded if he does it in what is permitted! (Muslim).


The Arabic word “bid” (literal link) mentioned in the above hadîth means conjugal intercourse. Zinâ, however, is the man's sexual intercourse with a woman who is not his wife. This is one of the greatest sins. Allaah the Most High says: “And do not approach fornication. Certainly it is something hideous - and how evil is the way. " (Sura 17:32).


Allah praises the believers who stay away from it. He says: "And those who guard their shame, except for their wives or whatever their right hand (on slaves) has, for they are not to be blamed (in this)." (Surah 23: 5-6).


The difference between sexual intercourse and zinâ is like the difference between heaven and earth. By having sex with your wife you can lower your gaze in front of other women, live chaste, keep your shame and strengthen the ummah. The Prophet (may Allah honor him and give him well-being) said: "Get married and multiply, because on Judgment Day I want to compete with the other communities for the number of followers!" (Abdurrazzâq). There are also many other benefits that marriage brings with it.


Zinâ, on the other hand, has many disadvantages in this world and in the hereafter: One incurs the wrath of Allaah, the Shaper of the Majestic, families are shattered, ancestry becomes unclear, one loses one's dignity and there are many illegitimate children who have no family and no refuge and are a curse on their societies. This can be seen in the societies where this vice has spread. There are many more disadvantages to Zinâ.


That is why Allaah mentions Zina along with polytheism and the killing of a person. The Most High says: “And those who do not invoke any other god besides Allaah and do not kill the soul which Allaah has forbidden (to kill) except for a legitimate reason, and who do not commit fornication. - Whoever does this has to suffer the consequence of sin; his punishment will be multiplied for him on the day of resurrection, and in it he will remain forever in shame, except for those who repent, believe, and do righteous works; for those, Allah will exchange their evil deeds for good ones; and Allah is always Forgiving and Merciful. " (Surah 25: 68-70)


Showering with the wife is allowed, according to the confirmed testimony of the believer's mother, Âisha  may Allah be pleased with her: "I used to do the ritual washing together with the Messenger of Allah (may Allah honor him and give him well-being). We used a single water container." (Al-Buchari and Muslim). Muslim added: "After the janâba state (state of great ritual impurity)."


And Allah knows best!

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