Chowking Menue List 2016 presidential candidates

sergej bubka

MOSCOW. Was late yesterday. Marched out of the Ukraine around four o'clock. Some breakfast talks today. Straight back to the lion's den and in four and a half hours in the finely air-conditioned IAAF bus to the Luzhniki Stadium. There from around 6 p.m. local time (4 p.m. CEST) a live blog about the performance of The Legend Usain Bolt.

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If you want to read, the programs of the six candidates are, to my knowledge, only available in one place worldwide: here in the blog.

Produced with a lot of love, the picture stories:

These posts were a topic of conversation in the Olympic family:


Perhaps the question of the IOC presidency, which is why I am here, will still be exciting. I had already indicated that the favorite (UDIOCM) will be nervous. If you ask me, and that happens occasionally in IOC circles, because there are hardly any other journalists hanging around, especially not from Germany in the Ukraine, then I say truthfully: He seems to be ahead of me.

And I ask back: Where should the others win their votes? For me the key question at the moment, because I still see a few dozen supporters for the UDIOCM, but I don't see them for others.

Just how resilient are all the whispers, are all the rumors?

What is the sheikh doing right now and above all: what is he doing next week? What is CarriĆ³n doing, is he doing anything at all? What is Bubka doing, who is almost at home here?

The UDIOCM consultants are ultimately calm. But you can hear different things from all directions. Some things that are sent as electronic mail and are read not only by the NSA, but also by other people, definitely signal that they are annoyed. Panic? Are the skins swimming away?

The fact is: Almost everyone in the business wants to know something about the current top sport-political topic in Germany, the doping study. Everyone is thinking of how that could still affect Bach.

These are all points that need to be discussed further. In the end there should be an ebook. (And maybe one more surprise.)

Perhaps the live blog from Buenos Aires from the IOC General Assembly, which will definitely go on from September 2nd to 10th or 11th, will also be the real highlight of the crowdfunding book project. Because blogging has its irresistible charm, I think. In the end I will have produced more text than in the actual book.

But now: back to work.

I'll be in touch from the Luzhniki Stadium in a few hours.

7:57 p.m .: Previously did not work. IOC book is more important. My image of the scene and the presidential goings-on is becoming more rounded.

I saw the semifinals of the joke on my odyssey through the stadium on a sports stand.

That's what I love about the Russians too. Simply wave your accreditation vigorously and you'll often end up where you shouldn't be. At least here. The security forces are quite relaxed, or should we say better: They don't care too much. As long as Putin isn't around, like last night. Then the wheels stand still. And even IOC vice-presidents, I've seen three, wander around looking for a soda that suits their class. But like everyone else, they had to wait because nothing worked for an hour. No car or bus was allowed to leave Luzhniki from the VIP area. I will often come back to these hours and who camped where and with whom later. Worked until four at night to get information. Seems important to me. #Secrecy