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Radio license fee: Forgot the "GEZ" contribution number? You can find it here

Do you want to contact the GEZ (now ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio contribution service) to B. to cancel, to report a move or to ask questions about payment, you need the contribution number. If you have lost or forgotten this number, you can find out here where you can find the "GEZ" contribution number.

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When contacting the contribution service, you should always have your number at hand.

Here you can find the contribution number for the contribution service (formerly "GEZ")

The "GEZ" contribution number is unique and allows clear conclusions to be drawn about the individual user. In particular, you should have the fee number ready if you move into a shared apartment or a multi-person household and only have to deduct the required fee once per household. When moving into a multi-person household, the contribution number is combined into one number. If you are registering for the contribution service for the first time, you will be assigned the number with the registration.

You can find this z. B. on all letters that you receive directly from the contribution center based in Cologne. The "GEZ customer number ”in the upper right area of ​​the letterhead. If fees are withdrawn from the account, the participant number can also be found on the account statement. Pay attention to a debit from the "ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio contribution service". Your contribution number can be found in the purpose of the direct debit.

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Contribution number for radio contribution (formerly "GEZ") lost: You can find it here

If you no longer have any bank statements to hand and all mail with the fee collection center has disappeared in the garbage, you can call for the number to inquire. How to contact the contribution service can be found in the article contribution service: telephone number and address. There are three ways to find the corresponding article number:

  1. statement of account
  2. Letters from the Post Service
  3. By phone (0185 999 50 100 - 6.5 cents / minute)
Until December 31, 2012, the license fee was collected by the fee collection center. On January 1, 2013, the ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio contribution service took over the collection of the fees. More articles on the topic:

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