How to forward gmod on netgear

Piwigo + RN 204

Hello + thanks for the quick response!

The firmware is the current 6.4.2, I had restarted the NAs several times (also because I have the feeling that the data transfer speed has not been so great since Win 10) and I also have the cache (file and download history) emptied.

A "Broken Icon" remains from Piwigo with the call to IP address NAS: 7091 / index.php - page is not available. Start does not work and only the message "The process may take a few minutes" appears. But nothing changes even after a few hours.

The variant "Backup + Reset" is now spontaneously not high on my hit list. The "Reinstallation of the OS" variant did not bring any change either.

Ready Nas Photo can be called up - with explicit acceptance of the insecure page - and the entry page appears with user name and password. I have pretty much all the variants I know and stored on the NAS, but after clicking "Login" the field is grayed out and nothing happens ... nothing. At least the app can be successfully uninstalled and reinstalled.

See you later