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Tiktok star: 81-year-old shows how to stay fit at home

Fitness influencers are usually young and well trained. But you can still do sports even in old age. An 81-year-old shows how it's done and inspires the internet with her videos.

She is by no means an influencer, she is more of a "fitness junkie", says Erika Rischko of herself. The 81-year-old from Langenfeld in the Rhineland has had a breathtaking career as a global internet star in the past few days.

Your most-clicked video on the Tiktok social media channel is about to break the ten million viewer barrier. Rishko was already featured in the famous TV show "Good Morning America" ​​in the USA. At the moment, it is mainly German media who are ringing her bell. "That is crazy. I absolutely could not have dreamed of such an echo," confesses the Rhinelander.

You can see how Erika Rischko trains in the video above or here.

Influencer in old age - sport like in youth

She is the encourager on the internet these days. She does all of this "just for fun and fooling around", she asserts. Her Rhenish motto: "The oiler, the better" (the older, the crazier). She already has 118,000 followers on the youth channel Tiktok, and the trend is growing rapidly - and the positive response is what drives her.

"Everyone has a piece of flooring in their apartment, everyone can do any kind of exercise," she says. "You can always come up with something and there are so many ideas on the Internet. For example, you can train your triceps with chairs."

At home she has practically no equipment, just her three-kilo dumbbells. "I can do a lot more in the studio," says the 81-year-old. "After the first lockdown, I had just returned to the weights from before and reached my old level, when the second lockdown came."

Success on social media, but not at any cost

But boredom makes you inventive. "I just spread out at home and every now and then I drive over to my daughter." She also holds the camera when Erika and her husband, also 81, perform a rehearsed dance to the best of current pop hits. "The choreography for this has to be done in 15 to 20 minutes, otherwise we'll do something else."

She would like to break the ten million mark, but not at any price: "This ice bathing challenge that is currently going on everywhere: No, thanks - I don't have to have it." Then I prefer power fitness, Pilates and yoga: "Depending on how sore your muscles are from the day before."

The 81-year-old is as fit as she is, despite two artificial knee joints that she got in 2003. "Because of that I can't jog and jump so well anymore, but other things work."

Role model and incentive for the times to come

Now she hopes to be a role model with her exercises, "so that we can all get through the pandemic safely". Despite everything, she's currently doing a little less exercise than she used to when she spent 14 to 15 hours a week in the gym.

"I hope to get back to the studio soon." Because the real challenges are waiting for her, the equipment and the heavy weights: "I already had 50 kilos on my back and 70 kilos on my lap. I did the exercise in a duo with a Swede."

Her daughter came up with the idea of ​​putting the exercise videos on the Internet, and it was precisely on the Tiktok channel, which is particularly popular with young people, that things got going, where Erika Rischko became a viral phenomenon. "We make two or three films a week, nothing more. It's just for fun."

Meanwhile, Langenfeld's mayor Frank Schneider (CDU) is quite proud of the success "Made in Langenfeld": "Ms. Rischko shows that you are never too old for physical fitness", he praises. At the same time it is a good example of a meaningful occupation in these difficult times, because "Movement is known to be good for the soul and for the immune system. We need such positive impulses more than ever."

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