How many Euro pallets in 20 containers

High-quality EURO pallets for various logistical areas of application

Euro pallets are suitable for any transport over land, sea and in the air. Due to their standardized size, they comply with international regulations for transports. In our range you will find brand-new, as good as new and used versions at different prices. You can choose to buy or rent and rest assured that you have been well advised in both cases. If you only need the EURO pallet occasionally or once, we recommend the advantages of a cheap rental for the contractually agreed period. If you work in logistics or as a manufacturer, buying new and used EURO pallets can be worthwhile.
Any questions? We will be happy to advise you and give you tips for the right decision when it comes to Euro pallets and their advantages in use.

Low dead weight with high transport load

The advantage of our EURO pallets is their marginal weight. Depending on the moisture content of the wood, a EURO pallet weighs between 20 and 24 kilograms. The load capacity with goods and products up to 1,000 kilograms is an advantage of the DIN-standardized pallets. If you decide to buy, but do not want to pay a new price for Euro pallets, you are well advised with our second choice offers. In this case, opt for used versions.
Do you have some EURO pallets that have a small defect and show signs of wear due to frequent use? Then we are the first address for a repair, after which you can use and load the pallet again as usual. If you have any questions, our team at DeutschePalettenService is there for you and is happy to advise you. Regardless of whether it is a matter of a purchase, inquiries about renting or repairing wear and tear - you can count on us. In addition to the DIN standard, these pallets offer a whole range of other advantages in use. As already mentioned, the pallets are very light when empty and yet can withstand high loads. With the standard dimensions, you have the guarantee that your goods will be transported anywhere on EURO pallets and that you will have cost security.

Rent or Buy? These are the facts!

You can both buy and rent Euro pallets from us. Which option is better for you depends on the frequency of use in your company. If you are in the transport business, we recommend buying it for a variety of reasons. If you only have to transport larger freight once or occasionally, you can save on renting Euro pallets and secure yourself an advantage in this way. Many of our customers have a few questions before they make their first decision. That is why we offer you a comprehensive service that goes beyond the mere offers for rent and purchase.
Are you unsure whether it is worth renting or whether buying is the better solution in the future? We would be happy to advise you based on your information and give you our honest opinion. The fact is that when you buy used EURO pallets, you also save compared to the new price. As the owner, you can then decide individually whether you require a deposit on the pallet or whether this is already included in the offer price for the goods transported on it. We offer you the service of renting high-quality pallets with EURO standards. Take a look around our portfolio and opt for transport advantages.

Exchangeable Euro pallets according to sorting - buy or rent new, 1st or 2nd choice Euro pallets from DeutschePalettenService

Are you interested in exchangeable Euro pallets or are you considering buying used or new Euro pallets? In our range you will find a large selection of options and you can easily choose between 1st choice Euro pallets, 2nd choice Euro pallets and brand new Euro pallets according to their sorting. If you have any questions about our offers or want to find out whether the required quantity is available immediately, contact us and benefit from the advice that you can get here from experts for exchangeable Euro pallets. We look forward to helping you with the decision and supporting you with professional competence. We have the right Euro pallet for every use and requirement, regardless of whether you prefer used or new Euro pallets.

Rent or buy - we offer you many advantages with Euro pallets

In terms of sorting, we have divided new and exchangeable Euro pallets into categories.

You can find out whether this is your favorite

  • new Euro pallets
  • 1st choice Euro pallets
  • 2nd choice Euro pallets

acts. You can see whether your favorite is exchangeable by looking at the marking next to the product. If you regularly need Euro pallets for your logistical operation, for warehousing or for exports in land, air and sea freight, we recommend that you buy new or as good as new models. With new Euro pallets, you can rely on maximum stability and resilience. If the pallets do not necessarily have to be brand new, we can recommend our new 1st choice Euro pallets and 2nd choice Euro pallets. Another consideration you can make is whether to buy or rent. With us you have both options, so that, for example, you do not have to consider buying an offer from our Euro pallets in assortment only once or occasionally. The best thing to do is to contact us with your request and let us know how we can support you and what offer we can make you for exchangeable Euro pallets.

The right Euro pallets for every requirement

Brand new Euro pallets can be found in the sorting up to the top. They are bright and come without any signs of the weather, as they have never been used and are premiering here. Our offers for new 1st choice Euro pallets and used 2nd choice Euro pallets are a good and cheaper alternative. Both when renting and when buying, you save real money with new and used versions compared to buying brand-new pallets. We offer exchangeable and new Euro pallets that are free from defects and restrictions in use. You can therefore choose according to your requirements and rely on the quality and durability of used Euro pallets as is the case with brand-new models. Exchangeable Euro pallets comply with the DIN standard and are therefore suitable for all transports that you want to undertake with containers, on a truck or in the air. So that you benefit from the advantages of high-quality Euro pallets, you should make the selection for an offer carefully and carefully.

Our team from DeutschePalettenService is your reliable partner who will be happy to advise you on the differences between 2nd choice Euro pallets and 1st choice Euro pallets. If you already have an idea of ​​what type of exchangeable Euro pallets you need, our transparent Euro pallet sorting will help you with your selection.

If you are not sure whether renting or buying is recommended for you, use our specialist advice!