Math puzzles for WhatsApp

The trickiest WhatsApp puzzles - with a solution

Tricky WhatsApp puzzles keep making the rounds in the form of chain letters. If you answer you wrong, you usually have to change your profile picture. So that this doesn't happen to you, we have put together the answers to the most popular puzzles for you.

WhatsApp puzzles: how many feet?

One of the most famous and popular WhatsApp puzzles is the following: "You come into the room; there are 2 dogs, 4 cats on the bed. There are also a giraffe and 5 hippos standing around ... 3 chickens flying around and a little duck ... so! How many Feet are in the room? If you answer wrong, you have to have the picture of the giraffe as a profile picture on WhatsApp for 3 days.

  • In a newer version of the puzzle, which made the rounds at Christmas 2018, you had to set the image of Santa Claus as an avatar if you gave a wrong answer.
  • According to reports from the online portal mimika, however, this version of the puzzle was a scam. The supplied picture of Santa Claus is protected by copyright and should be brought into circulation by the riddle in order to then sue for money from the users. However, there were no reports of actual reminders.
  • You can easily avoid pitfalls like the scenario described above by finding your own, non-copyrighted avatar image with the required motif. There are numerous websites that offer such images.
  • By the way, the most common solution to the puzzle is six. The bed has four legs and you have two yourself.

Tricky question: you sleep and are hungry ...

Another popular puzzle is: "You like games, don't you? Here I have one for you! If you lose the game, you have to bear the consequences! You sleep peacefully in your bed. At seven in the morning you suddenly hear the bell ! Unannounced visit! Your friends come over spontaneously for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, Nutella and cheese. What do you open first? If you give the wrong answer, you have to change your profile photo on WhatsApp for 24 hours by Dieter Bohlen! Deal? "

  • Mysterious chain letters like this one are not an isolated case in WhatsApp. Here, too, you have to change your profile picture if the answer is wrong.
  • This riddle does not, of course, mean breakfast. In order for your visitor to come to the apartment, you must first open your eyes and then the door. The correct answer is therefore "the eyes".

Emoji picture puzzle: guess the movie

Another popular WhatsApp puzzle is the emoji puzzle. Different film titles are displayed with emojis, which your counterpart then has to guess.

  • Here, too, there is a variant in which you have to change your profile picture if you answer incorrectly. What the new profile picture should be is entirely up to the questioner. Often enough, however, the emoji movie puzzles are simply sent around as a fun challenge.
  • Since the movie titles vary, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Popular candidates for the picture puzzles are Disney films and well-known film classics such as "The Godfather" or "Jaws".

Medieval puzzles: what is the watchword?

This puzzle question also circulates again and again as a chain letter: "You live in the Middle Ages and want to break into a well-guarded castle. To do this, you have to give the knight at the gate the correct slogan. To spy on it, you hide in the moat. A trader comes and demands entry. The knight says “28”! What's your answer? The dealer answers “14” and gets entry. The next one demands entry and gets the number “8”. He answers “4” and gets entry Next answers the number “16” with “8” and comes in. Now you go there and get the number “20”. What do you have to answer to be let in? If the answer is wrong, 24 hours. Picture of Heino as profile picture. "

  • If you answer this puzzle with the number "10", you are wrong. As a consequence, you need to change your WhatsApp profile picture.
  • This WhatsApp puzzle isn't about half the numbers, it's about the number of letters. For example, the word "eight" has four letters. So the correct answer is seven.

Someone's mother has four sons

Another riddle that has been circulating since August 2019 is making many heads smoke. It reads as follows: "Somebody's mother has four sons. North, West and South. What is the name of the fourth son. Answer with the correct name of the fourth son. If you lose, you have to post that on your story!"

  • Our brain is designed to recognize and complete patterns. So it seems logical that the answer should be "East". Then all directions would be represented. However, this is not the correct solution.
  • The correct answer is how. Because the sentence "What is the name of the fourth son." is not a question, but a statement. The point at the end of the sentence proves this.
  • As with the popular joke questions about the color of a mold or the blue light of the police, the answer is already part of the question.

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(Original tip written by: Sebastian Milde)