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German Phrases

GreetingForms of greetingHi!HelloGood Morning!Good MorningGood afternoon!Good dayGood evening!Good eveningWelcome! (to greet someone)welcomeHello my friend!Hello my friendHow are you? (friendly)How are you?How are you? (polite)How are you?I'm fine, thank you!How are you?And you? (friendly)Thanks and you?And you? (polite)Thanks, and you?GoodWellNot so goodNot so good.Long time no seeWe haven't seen each other for a long time.I missed youI missed (you / you).What's new?What's up?Nothing newNothing newThank you very much)!Many Thanks!You're welcome! (for "thank you")My pleasure!My pleasureAll mineCome in! (or: enter!)Come in!Make yourself at home!Make yourself comfortable!Farewell ExpressionsFarewellsHave a nice day!Have a nice day.Goodnight!Good nightGood night and sweet dreams!Good night and dreamSee you later!See you laterSee you soon!See you laterSee you tomorrow!See you tomorrowGood bye!GoodbyeHave a good trip!Have a good tripI have to goI have to go now.I will be right back!I'll be right back.Holidays and WishesTo wish someone aboutGood luck!Good luckHappy Birthday!Happy BirthdayHappy New Year!Happy New YearMerry Christmas!Merry ChristmasHappy Easter!Happy EasterHappy mother's day!Much love for Mother's dayCongratulations!Congratulations Enjoy! (or: bon appetit)Enjoy itBless you (when sneezing)healthBest wishes!Best wishes.Cheers! (or: to your health)cheersAccept my best wishesMy best wishesHow to Introduce YourselfSelf-introductionWhat's your name?What's your name?My name is (John Doe)My name is (...)Nice to meet you!I am pleased to meet you.Where are you from?Where are you from?I'm from (the U.S / Germany)I'm from (America / Germany)I'm (American / German)I am (American / German)Where do you live?Where do you liveI live in (the U.S / Germany)I live in (America / Germany)Do you like it here?Do you like it here?Germany is a beautiful countryGermany is a beautiful country.What do you do for a living?What do you do for a living?I'm a (teacher / student / engineer)I am (teacher / student / engineer)Do you speak (English / German)?Do you speak (English / German)?Just a littleA littleI like GermanI like GermanI'm trying to learn GermanI try to learn GermanIt's a hard languageIt's a difficult languageIt's an easy languageIt's easy languageOh! That's good!Oh! It's good!Can I practice with you?Can i practice with you?I will try my best to learnI will try my best to learn.How old are you?How old are they?I'm (twenty one, thirty two) years oldI am (twenty-one, thirty-two) years old.It was nice talking to you!Was nice to talk with you.It was nice meeting you!I was very happy to meet you.Mr ... / Mrs. ... / Miss ...Mr. MrsThis is my wifeThis is my wifeThis is my husbandThis is my manSay hi to Thomas for meGive my regards to ThomasRomance and Love PhrasesromanceAre you free tomorrow evening?Do you have time tomorrow evening?I would like to invite you to dinnerI would like to invite you for dinner.You look beautiful! (to a woman)You look beautiful.You have a beautiful nameYou have a beautiful name.Can you tell me more about you?Can you tell me more about yourself?Are you married?Are you married?I'm singleI'm not married.I'm marriedI am married.Can I have your phone number?Can I have your phone number?Can I have your email?Can you tell me your nameDo you have any pictures of you?Do you have a picture of you?Do you have children?Do you have children?Would you like to go for a walk?Would you like to go for a walk?I like youI like you.Ich liebe dichI love you.You're very special!You are something special.You're very kind!You are very friendly.I'm very happyI am very happy.Would you marry me?Would you marry me?I'm just kiddingI'm just having funI'm seriousI'm serious.My heart speaks the language of loveMy heart speaks the language of love.Solving a misunderstandingClear up misunderstandingsSorry! (or: I beg your pardon!)Forgiveness!Sorry (for a mistake)I'm sorry.No problem!No problem!Can you repeat please?Could you repeat that, please?Can you speak slowly?Could you speak slowly, please.Can you write it down?Could you write this down?Did you understand what I said?Do you understand what I said?I do not understand!I do not understand.I do not know!I do not know.What's that called in German?How do you say that in German?What does that word mean in English?What does this word mean in English?How do you say "thanks" in German?How do you say "thank you" in German?What is this?What's this?My German is badMy German is poor.Do not worry!Do not worry.I agree with youI agree with them.Is that right?Is that right?Is that wrong?Is that wrong?What should I say?What should I say?I just need to practiceI just need practice.Your German is goodYour German is good.I have an accentI have an accent.You don't have an accentYou don't have an accent.Asking for DirectionsAsk for help and directionsExcuse me! (before asking someone)Sorry!I'm lostI'm lost.Can you help me?Would you assist me?Can I help you?Can I help you?I'm not from hereI'm not from hereHow can I get to (this place, this city)? How do I get to (to this place, to this city)Go straightGo straight ahead.ThenThenTurn leftTurn leftTurn rightTurn rightCan you show me?Could you show meI can show you!I can show you.Come with me!Come with me.How long does it take to get there?How do you get there?Downtown (city center)City centerHistoric center (old city)Historical centerIt's near hereIt's around here.It's far from hereIt is very far away.Is it within walking distance?Can i go there on foot?I'm looking for Mr. SmithI'm looking for Mr. SmithOne moment please!Just a moment please!Hold on please! (when on the phone)Please wait!He is not hereHe is not here.AirportAirportBus stationBus stationTrain stationrailway stationtaxitaxiNearCloseFarRemoteEmergency survival phrasesEmergency and Survival TermsHelp!HelpStop!stopFire!FireThief!ThiefRun!RunWatch out! (or: be alert!)AttentionCall the police!call the policeCall a doctor!Call a doctorCall the ambulance!Call an ambulanceAre you okay?Are you alrightI feel sickI feel sick.I need a doctorI need a doctorAccidentaccidentFood poisoningFood poisoningWhere is the closest pharmacy?Where is the nearest pharmacy?It hurts hereIt hurts here.It's urgent!It's urgent.Calm down!Chill outYou will be okay!You will get through it.Can you help me?Can you help me?Can I help you?Can I help you?Hotel Restaurant Travel PhrasesHotel, restaurant and travel termsI have a reservation (for a room)I have a reservationDo you have rooms available?Do you have a free room?With shower / With bathroomWith shower / with bathI would like a non-smoking roomI would like a non-smoking roomWhat is the charge per night?What does the overnight stay cost?I'm here on business / on vacationI'm here on business / vacation.DirtyDirtyCleanCleanDo you accept credit cards?Do you take credit cards?I'd like to rent a carI would like to rent a car.How much will it cost?How much will that cost?A table for (one / two) please!A table for (one / two people) please!Is this seat taken?Is this already occupied?I'm a vegetarianI'm vegetarianI don't eat porkI do not eat porkI don't drink alcoholI do not drink alcohol.What's the name of this dish?What is the name of this dish?Waiter / waitress!Service!Can we have the check please?Please can I have the bill?It is very delicious!It's delicious!I don't like itI do not like it.Shopping ExpressionsTerms for shoppingHow much is this?How much is this?I'm just lookingI'm just looking around.I don't have changeI don't have any changeThis is too expensiveThis is too expensive.ExpensiveExpensiveCheapCheapDaily ExpressionsRandom expressionsWhat time is it?What time is it?It's 3 o'clockIt's 3 o'clockGive me this!Give me this.Are you sure?Are you sure?Take this! (when giving something)Take thisIt's freezing (weather)It's bitter cold.It's cold (weather)It is cold.It's hot (weather)It is hot.Do you like it?Do you like this?I really like it!I like it a lot!I'm hungryI'm hungry.I'm thirstyI'm thirsty.He is funnyHe's weirdIn The MorningIn the morningIn the eveningIn the eveningAt nightAt nightHurry up!Hurry up!Cuss Words (polite)This is nonsense! (or: this is craziness)This is nonsense!My God! (to show amazement)GoodnessOh gosh! (when making a mistake)Oh man!It sucks! (or: this is not good)Damn!What's wrong with you?What do you have?Are you crazy?Are you crazy?Get lost! (or: go away!)Get out of here!Leave me alone!Leave me alone!I'm not interested!I'm not interested!Writing a letterDear JohnDear JohnMy trip was very niceMy trip was very nice.The culture and people were very interestingThe culture and people were very interesting.I had a good time with youI had a good time with you.I would love to visit your country againI would like to visit your country again. Don't forget to write me back from time to timePlease don't forget to write back to me once in a while.Short expressions and wordsShort expressions and wordsGoodWellbathBadSo-so (or: not bad not good)It worksBigLargeSmallSmallTodaytodayNowNowTomorrowtomorrowYesterdayYesterdayYesYesNoNoNearlyFastSlowSlowlyHotHotColdColdThisThisThatTheHereHereThereThereMe (ie. Who did this? - Me)IYouYou / youHimHeHeryouUsWeThemyouReally?Really?Look!Look!What?WhatWhere?WhereWho?whoHow?HowWhen?IfWhy?WhyzerozeroOneoneTwoTwoThreeThreeFourFourFivefiveSixsixSevensevenEighteightNinenineTenten