How to use otentika maxitone complexion milk

Package insert for MICTONETTEN 10 mg coated tablets

Dosage of MICTONETTEN 10 mg coated tablets

Since the dosage of the drug depends on various factors, it should be individually tailored to you by your doctor.

For children and adolescents, the medicine will be dosed by your doctor according to their body weight and age. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Maximum dose: Children and adolescents over 35 kg body weight: a dose of 3 tablets per day should not be exceeded.

Frequent urination and the need to urinate (overactive bladder, irritable bladder):

  • Adults
    • Single dose: 1 tablet
    • Total dose: 3 times a day
    • Time: morning, noon and evening, before the meal

Unintentional leakage of urine with spasms (cramps) as a result of a nerve disease: Medicines with a more suitable active ingredient content are available for treatment.

Patients with renal impairment: In consultation with your doctor, you may need to reduce the individual or total dose or increase the dose interval.

Instructions for use

The total dose should not be exceeded without consulting a doctor or pharmacist.

Type of application?
Take the medicine with liquid (e.g. 1 glass of water).

Duration of application?
The duration of use depends on the type of complaint and / or duration of the illness and is therefore only determined by your doctor.

A variety of overdose symptoms can occur, including dry mouth, decreased pulse rate, later palpitations, dilation of the pupils, visual disturbances, difficulty urinating, restlessness, confusion, hallucinations, dizziness, nausea and speech disorders. If you suspect an overdose, contact a doctor immediately.

The general rule is: Pay attention to a conscientious dosage, especially for babies, toddlers and the elderly. If in doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist about any effects or precautionary measures.

A dosage prescribed by a doctor may differ from the information on the package insert. Since the doctor will tailor them individually, you should therefore use the medicine according to his instructions.

Information on divisibility and preparation

The preparation cannot be divided equally into doses.