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Our favorite dinner in spring and summer smokes. And we love it. As soon as it is dry here and just a little warm, we love to fire up the grill in the evening, set the table outside and watch the sun turn red while we are eating. A delicious alternative to meat and sausages is grilled cheese. This is my favorite food anyway - and for my husbands there is also something for everyone with the three types of grilled cheese from the RÜCKER dairy. Here comes our current favorite cheese idea… Read more

Better to grill in an unusual way: Here comes a really delicious cheese - and how I pimp itClaudi2021-05-17T22: 53: 40 + 02: 00

Last week, a vacation morning in bed. I longed like crazy for my children to babble. What I heard instead: The monotonous patter of heavy rain on the window. I looked at the weather app and thought it was broken. There was only one symbol: rain cloud to the end of the ad. In this steady rain depression, I read something crazy… Read more

When it rains again longer. Or: How about some inherited nonchalance? Claudi2021-05-17T18: 28: 02 + 02: 00

How do you go on vacation at home?

We are on vacation at home. What do I wish for? A tour guide! Somebody with a beige outdoor vest and microphone like back then on the bus. Someone who says to me: “Now let's go on a trip!” Or “You can see Cologne Cathedral on the left!” And who writes “freely available” into the program for the rest of the day. The fact is, when we go on vacation at home, I want everything: “To give the children a good time with a campfire, bread on a stick, creative projects and cinema evenings, finally clearing out the attic, tidying up the study, climbing the mountains of laundry, reading 1000 books and, ha, me relax… Read more

How to go on vacation at home? Claudi2021-05-13T23: 43: 14 + 02: 00

I recently realized: I am middle-aged now. No longer team belly-free, not yet team beige. Physically not yet beyond good, but some dents are already bad. Many drinks no longer ignite fireworks, but rather nasty hangovers. In my favorite series, I find guys hot that I could be mom. “Before” now means “at least 20 years ago”. Sounds bad? Is not it! Because: I've never been so convinced of myself since I cracked 40 ... Read more

The 40s bonus: Why we're just amazing nowKatia Kröger2021-05-12T10: 43: 59 + 02: 00

Strawberrycake! In early summer there is nothing better for us than cake, cream and berries. It doesn't have to be super fancy, a good butter biscuit, a delicious creamy cream with lots of vanilla and fresh berries! Preferably, of course, raspberries and strawberries, a little later in summer then also gooseberries and blackcurrants. I like cakes best, the individual components of which can be used to conjure up something delicious for every family member: For the little ones without cream, for the big ones with extra raspberries and for me with extra quark cream… Read more

Strawberry cake with chocolate biscuit and vanilla creamClaudi2021-05-10T10: 37: 21 + 02: 00

I always lost my composure, my good mood and energy, my concentration anyway. What I haven't lost in the past year, however, is the hope that things will be different again. That there will be a time after the C-word. Only: will I be the same as before the pandemic? Can I seamlessly build on the life I miss so much? Will “after Corona” be as carefree as “before Corona”? I would love to scream "Yeah !!!" But I'm afraid the answer to that is rather meekly “No”… Read more

When C stands for cocktail again: Will we still find our way in life afterwards? Katia Kröger2021-05-10T11: 26: 36 + 02: 00

No training, no choir, no ballet, hardly any dates - my kids' afternoons during the week could have been bleak for months. But they are not. They sizzle, boil and now taste sugar-sweet now and then. My children have had a new hobby for a while: cooking. And not only they like it, but the whole family… Read more

Cooking instead of playing: The new hobby of my kidsClaudi2021-05-10T09: 59: 11 + 02: 00

The woman from the health department on the phone was actually nice. No, again: the woman from the health department was nice. Without actually. And me? Had to concentrate very hard not to be a fury. She couldn't help the fact that my child has to be quarantined. And nothing for the circumstances either. Still, I was a bit nasty. Small exclamation marks on sentences that actually have a point. Some words made somersaults. Plus the sound of my raised eyebrows. I often don't like what the nasty pandemic has done to me ... Read more

Nasty: Has Corona changed my character? Claudi2021-05-07T07: 27: 50 + 02: 00

It's not that I'm lacking in address right now. For a year now I've been a motivational coach, teacher, cook, play buddy, boot cam trainer and pastor all in one. In short: Mom times three in pandemic times. And not only dealing with all of my questions, ideas and worries, but also with those of others. Which they direct to me in a constant stream of chatter: "What's-to-eat? -Do-I-really-have-to-do-homework-now? -When-is-the-stupid-Corona-finally-over-and-why -shall-I-tidy-up-my-room ...? "One would think that silence would be my favorite state of being at the moment. But amazingly, I really enjoy listening to others talk right now. Continue reading

Really appealing: These 7 podcasts are worthwhile. Plus a rather weird Katia Kröger2021-05-05T08: 32: 15 + 02: 00

Maybe we will spend our summer vacation again this year on the terrace at home. It's a little sad because we would have preferred to go to a little house in Sweden. Either way, we invite a couple of Swedish horses into the garden for the time being. They definitely put you in a lot of summer mood… Read more

Oh, how nice: A Swedish garden garland made from tetra packsClaudi2021-05-05T10: 12: 22 + 02: 00
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