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Spanked Celebrities Who Are Famous in the World

Throughout the career of spanked celebrities, there are ups and downs. That he is currently famous does not mean that he has always been successful. There are some artists who just name them are immediately known throughout the world. Many of these celebrities who were spanked.


Famous spanked celebrities

These labels did not feel comfortable with the work of these artists; but far from trying, they continued with their dreams and now we have them as famous artists.

Agnetha Faltskog

In an interview in the Swedish magazine, Vecko-Revyn (April 2, 1985), a question on the topic of spanking was asked to the Swedish singer of the famous 70-80s ABBA group. Agnetha said she was punished by her father with the carpet beater when she was a child.

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Amy Lee

In an interview on the EvBoard website, the American singer of the Evanescence group recalled a moment of her growth. In which she had been spanked for having drawn images, with a felt-tip pen, on the bedroom wall. He said:

"I was dancing around my room the song Ghostbusters and I decided that my room wasn't scary enough. So I drew ghosts on the wall. Knowing, even before the song ended, that ghosts weren’t worth the spanks that I would have taken for punishment…. I was right! "

Anna Nicole Smith

Famous playboy bunny, who died in February 2007, in FHM Magazine, US edition of July 2004, recalled that in her childhood spent in Texas she got “whipping on the ass” from her grandmother because she had climbed onto the clothesline.

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Brigitte Bardot

The French actress admitted in a biography, that as a young woman she was often beaten up, and also refers to a time when she received fifty lashes for breaking her mother’s vase. The same story was told by a French journalist in a television documentary entitled The Real Brigitte Bardot.

W. Bush

During an interview with Dr. Phil, August 2004, US President George W. Bush and his wife Laura were asked how they educated their twin daughters Jenna and Barbara. Dr. Phil asked, were you a spanking? Laura replied “rarely”. Yes, but not frequently.

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Charlize Theron

On the E-Online website, the South African actress mentions that she was spanked by her mother when she behaved badly. He said: I have a mother who, sorry for the expression, kicked me on the ass if I did not. She was always close to me. No matter how badly I failed, she was always there for me. not succeeding in a film, but with being a real person, I have my sense of respect and dignity, when I was little my mom never hesitated to spank me if I deserved it, and I feel blessed to have been educated in that way. My mom is my support system and the voice of reason.


In her book called, The First Time, the American singer / actress said: "My mom was a spanking machine". And he recalled an episode. Her mother had forbidden her to take her friend home, she had decided to walk to the end of the street instead. Meanwhile, his mother had been standing at the door calling her, and when he came back he gave her “The mother of all spanking”.

Cindy Crawford

The American actress and model at the Video Diary, ABC Good Morning America, June 5, 1999, then pregnant, talking about various aspects of parenting, including the discipline, was asked how her home education was.

“My mother always said she would wait until she calmed down to punish us because she always said that one should not be angry during the punishment. She took the time to count to 10, before the punishment, so that it was appropriate. go to your room, you will get spanked. And after 15 minutes of waiting, thinking about what I had done wrong, I received the punishment ”.

Cybill Shepherd

In her biography, Cybill Disobbediente, the American actress remembers having had, during her growth, bend over to receive spanking with a strap from her father.

Dakota Fanning

To the actress who started acting as a child and has recently appeared in the Twilight saga, during a radio interview in 2004, when she was ten at the time (she will turn 18 on February 23, 2012), she was asked if he ever got a spanking. “Yes” replied Dakota.

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Elizabeth Hurley

In an article in The Mirror, August 5, 1999, the British actress and model mentioned that she was spanked with a shoe at school. Elizabeth, who attended Harriet Costello School, Hampshire, England in the late 1970s, was asked which the teacher does she remember best and why? She replied, “My math teacher because he hit me with a shoe”.

Elizabeth Montgomery

To the American actress, famous in Italy in the 80s for the TV series “Vita da strega”, in a TV radio interview, in March 1968, the following question was asked: “With which principles did you grow? kind of childhood did you have? " "I had a very happy childhood and the spanking was healthy, quite loud, which I often deserved," replied Elizabeth.

Estelle Skornik

The French actress, known in the United Kingdom for her appearances in a series of TV commercials for the Renault Clio ad and for playing the role of Ada in Jonny Depp's film “The true story of Jack the Ripper”, he admitted in an interview that once at school his teacher took her on his lap, lowered her panties, and gave her spanking on her naked ass in front of the whole class.

Faith Evans

In the Sunday Night and Day magazine, April 17th 2005, the American singer, born in Florida and raised by her grandparents Bob and May in Newark, New Jersey, said: “I was born in Florida. My mom is Helene Evans, but my grandfather Bob and my grandmother May raised me in Newark, New Jersey. My mother tried a career as a singer, but never really succeeded. I never knew my father. I remember a loving, strict childhood if a little dysfunctional. My grandparents, both devoted Baptists, were also adoptive parents. At any one time, there were 14 people living under a more suitable roof for four.

Farrah Fawcett

The American actress, born in Texas, when she behaved badly she got spanked on her bare bottom with a belt by her stern father James Fawcett. In TV Guide, December 1983, the former Charlie’s Angels said of his father: “He was of strict discipline. He spanked me so many times when I acted badly. He took me to my room, pulled my pants down, and hit me with a belt ”.

Geri Halliwell

The British singer, formerly Spice Girls, in her biography, Geri Halliwell- If Only, said she was spanked by her parents during growth. He recalled that his father used the belt and his mother preferred a wooden spoon or a slipper.

Greta Scacchi

In an article in the magazine Mail On Sunday, October 27th 2002, the Italian actress (born in Milan but lived in Australia) mentions that she was spanked by her father when he misbehaved. "I had to put myself face down on the couch and get a lot of beatings with a beater."

Hillary Clinton

In the book, Bill and Hillary, it was said that Hillary’s father, Hugh Rodham, would frequently inflict corporal punishment on his daughter. The book states that he should expect to spank from his father when he came home from work if he behaved badly at school. Her father said to her, "If you get into trouble at school, you get home trouble."

Jessica Alba

The actress freely reported on her adolescence: “I was not allowed to wear a bathing suit at home when I was a child. I would have been spanked as if to say - Put your clothes on -. Not a cruel spanking but my grandmother would have taken the fly swatter and made me dress ”.


The Bollywood actress was spanked with a variety of tools, by her mother Tanuja, when she behaved badly. She told, "I was the most spanked girl at my mom’s house and I have horrible memories that beat me with badminton rackets, plates and everything she found."