What does Chanticleer dream of interpretation?

Sabian symbols

Phase number Degree Symbol English Rudhyar[5]Symbol German Rudhyar[6]Icon english wheeler[7]Symbol German wheeler Phase 10°-1° A Woman Just Risen from the Sea; a Seal Is Embracing HerA woman has risen from the sea. A seal hugs her.A Woman Just Risen from the Sea; a Seal Rises and Embraces HerA woman has just risen from the sea. A seal climbs up and hugs her. Phase 21°-2° A Comedian Reveals Human NatureA comedian reveals the essence of manA Comedian Entertaining a GroupA comedian entertains a group. Phase 32°-3° The Cameo Profile of a Man, Suggesting the Shape of His CountryThe profile of a person worked as a stone miniature indicates the outline of his countryA Cameo Profile of a Man in the Outline of His Country.The profile of a person worked as a stone miniature in the outline of his country. Phase 43°-4° Two Lovers Strolling on a Secluded WalkTwo lovers stroll on a lonely promenadeTwo Lovers Strolling through a Secluded WalkTwo lovers stroll on a lonely promenade Phase 54°-5° A triangle with wingsA triangle with wingsA triangle with wingsA triangle with wings Phase 65°-6° A Square, with One of Its Sides Brightly IlluminedA square, one side of which is brightly lit.A square brightly lighted on one side.A square that is brightly lit on one side. Phase 76°-7° A Man Succeeds in Expressing Himself Simultaneously in Two RealmsA person succeeds in expressing himself in two areas at the same timeA Man Successfully Expressing Himself in Two Realms at Once.A person successfully expresses himself in two areas at the same time. Phase 87°-8° A Large Woman's Hat with Streamers Blown by an East WindA large lady's hat with ribbons blowing in the east windA Large Hat with Streamers Flying, Facing East.A large hat with ribbons waving to the east Phase 98°-9° A crystal gazerA clairvoyantA crystal gazerA clairvoyant Phase 109°-10° A Teacher Gives New Symbolic Forms to Traditional ImagesA teacher gives traditional images new, symbolic formsA Man Teaching New Forms for Old SymbolsA teacher gives new shapes to old symbols. Phase 1110°-11° The Ruler of a NationThe ruler of a peopleThe President of the Country.The President of the Country. Phase 1211°-12° A Triangularly Shaped Flight of Wild GeeseWild geese fly in a triangular formationA flock of white geese.A flock of white geese. Phase 1312°-13° An Unexploded Bomb Reveals to Unsuccessful Social ProtestAn unexploded bomb reveals an unsuccessful social protestAn Unsuccessful Bomb Explosion.A failed bomb explosion. Phase 1413°-14° A Serpent Coiling Near a Man and a WomanA snake coils near a man and a womanA Serpent Coiling Near a Man and a WomanA snake coils near a man and a woman Phase 1514°-15° An Indian Weaving a Ceremonial BlanketAn Indian weaves a ritual blanketAn Indian Weaving a Blanket.An Indian weaves a blanket. Phase 1615°-16° Nature Spirits Are Seen at Work in the Light of SunsetNature spirits are seen at work in the light of the setting sun.Brownies Dancing in the Setting Sun.Pixies dance in the setting sun. Phase 1716°-17° Two Dignified Spinsters Sitting in SilenceTwo dignified maidens sit together in silenceTwo Prim Spinsters.Two decent maids. Phase 1817°-18° An Empty Hammock Stretched between Two TreesAn empty hammock is stretched between two treesAn empty hammock.An empty hammock. Phase 1918°-19° The "Magic Carpet" of Oriental ImageryA flying carpet from the imagery of the OrientThe Magic Carpet.The magic carpet. Phase 2019°-20° A Young Girl Feeding Birds in WinterA young girl feeds birds in winterA Young Girl Feeding Birds in WinterA young girl feeds birds in winter Phase 2120°-21° A pugilist enters the ringA boxer enters the ringA pugilist entering the ringA boxer enters the ring Phase 2221°-22° The Gate to the Garden of All Fulfilled DesiresThe gateway to the garden of all wishes fulfilled.The Gate to the Garden of Desire.The gateway to the garden of desires. Phase 2322°-23° A Pregnant Woman in Light Summer DressA pregnant woman in a light summer dressA Woman in Pastel Colors Carrying a Heavy and Valuabe but Veiled Load.A woman in pastel colors carries a heavy and precious but hidden burden. Phase 2423°-24° Blown Inward by the Wind, the Curtains of an Open Window Take the Shape of a CornucopiaBlown in by the wind, the curtains on an open window take on the shape of a cornucopiaAn Open Window and a Net Curtain Blowing into a CornucopiaAn open window and a curtain that is blown in the shape of a cornucopia. Phase 2524°-25° The Possibility for Man to Gain Experience at Two Levels of BeingThe possibility of human beings to gain experience on two levels of beingA double promise.A double promise /
A confirmed promise. Phase 2625°-26° A Man Possessed of More Gifts than He Can HoldA person has more gifts than he can graspA Man Possessed of More Gifts than He Can HoldA person has more gifts than he can grasp Phase 2726°-27° Through Imagination a Lost Opportunity Is RegainedImagination regains a lost opportunityLost Opportunity Regained in the ImaginationA lost opportunity is regained in the imagination. Phase 2827°-28° A Large Audiences Confronts the Performer Who Disappointed Its ExpectationsA large crowd meets an actor who has disappointed their expectationsA Large Disappointed Audience.A large disappointed crowd. Phase 2928°-29° The Music of the SpheresMusic of the spheresA Celestial Choir SingingA heavenly choir sings. Phase 3029°-30° A Duck Pond and Its BroodA duck pond and its flock of birds.A Duck Pond and Its BroodA duck pond and its flock of birds. Phase 310°-1° A clear mountain streamA clear mountain streamA clear mountain streamA clear mountain stream Phase 321°-2° To Electrical StormA thunderstormTo Electrical StormA thunderstorm Phase 332°-3° Natural Steps Lead to a Lawn of Clover in BloomNatural terraces lead up to a blooming clover meadowSteps Up to a Lawn Blooming with Clover.Steps lead up to a blooming clover meadow. Phase 343°-4° The Pot of Gold at the End of the RainbowThe pot of gold at the end of the rainbowThe Rainbows Pot of Gold.The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Phase 354°-5° A Widow at an Open GraveA widow at the open graveA Widow at an Open GraveA widow at the open grave Phase 365°-6° Cantilever Bridge Across a Deep GorgeCantilever bridge over a deep gorgeA Bridge Being Built across a Gorge.A bridge is being built over a ravine. Phase 376°-7° The Woman of Samaria at the Ancestral WellThe woman from Samaria at the wellA Woman of Samaria.A woman from Samaria. Phase 387°-8° A Sleigh on Land Uncovered by SnowA sledge on snowless earthA Sleigh Without Snow.A sleigh without snow. Phase 398°-9° A fully decorated Christmas treeA decorated Christmas treeA Christmas Tree Decorated.A decorated Christmas tree. Phase 409°-10° A Red Cross NurseA Red Cross nurse.A Red Cross NurseA Red Cross nurse. Phase 4110°-11° A Woman Watering Flowers in Her Garden.A woman pours flowers in her gardenA Woman Sprinkling Flowers.A woman pours flowers. Phase 4211°-12° A Young Couple Window ShoppingA young couple window shoppingWindow shoppers.Window viewer. Phase 4312°-13° A Porter Carrying Heavy BaggageA porter hauls heavy items of luggageA man handling baggage.A man is handling luggage. Phase 4413°-14° On the Beach, Children Play while Shellfish Grope at the Edge of the WaterChildren play on the beach while shellfish crawl around the edge of the waterShellfish groping and Children Playing.Crawling shellfish and children playing. Phase 4514°-15° Head Covered with a Rakish Silk Hat, Muffled Against the Cold, a Man Braves a StormWith his head covered in a smart top hat, wrapped up against the cold, a man defies the stormA Man Muffled Up With a Rakish Silk Hat.A warmly dressed man in a top hat. Phase 4615°-16° An Old Teacher Fails to Interest His Pupils in Traditional KnowledgeAn old teacher fails to interest his students in traditional knowledgeAn Old Man Attempting Vainly to Reveal the Mysteries.An old man tries in vain to unveil the mysteries. Phase 4716°-17° A Symbolical Battle Between "Swords" and "Torches"A symbolic battle between "swords" and "torches"A Battle between the Swords and TorchesA fight between swords and torches. Phase 4817°-18° A Woman Airing an Old Bag Through the Open Window of Her RoomA woman airs an old bag through the open window of her roomA Woman Holding a Bag Out a Window.A woman holds a bag out of the window. Phase 4918°-19° A New Continent Rising Out of the OceanA new continent rises from the sea.A Newly Formed Continent. Tangible.A newly formed continent. Concrete. Phase 5019°-20° Wisps of Winglike Clouds Streaming Across the SkyShreds of wing-like clouds move across the sky.Wild Clouds and Haste.Wild clouds and rush. Phase 5120°-21° A Finger Pointing To a Line in an Open BookA finger points to a line in an open book.A Finger Pointing in an Open Book.A finger points into an open book. Phase 5221°-22° White Dove Flying over Troubled WatersA white dove flies over troubled watersWhite Dove over Troubled Waters.A white dove over troubled waters. Phase 5322°-23° A Jewelry Shop Filled with Valuable GemsA jewelry store full of precious stonesA jewelry shop.A jewelry store. Phase 5423°-24° An Indian Warrior Riding Fiercely, Human Scalps Hanging from His BeltA wild-ridden Indian warrior with human scalps hanging on his belt.A Mounted Indian with Scalp Locks.An Indian on a horse with a scalplock[8]. Phase 5524°-25° A vast public parkA huge public parkA Large Dignyfied Public ParkA large venerable public park Phase 5625°-26° A Spanish Gallant Serenades His BelovedA Spanish gentleman serenades his loverA Spaniard Serenading His Senoritas.A Spaniard serenades his senoritas. Phase 5726°-27° An Old Indian Woman Selling the Artifacts of Her Tribe to PasserbyAn old Indian woman sells artifacts from her tribe to passers-by.A Squaw Selling Beads.A squaw sells pearls. Phase 5827°-28° A Woman, Past Her "Change of Life", Experiences a New LoveA woman beyond change experiences love all over again.A Woman Pursued by Mature Romance.A woman pursues her desire for love. Phase 5928°-29° Two Cobblers Working at a TableTwo cobblers are working at a table.Two Cobblers Working at a TableTwo cobblers are working at a table. Phase 6029°-30° A Peacock Parading on the Terrace of an Old CastleA peacock struts on the terrace of an old castle.A Peacock Parading on an Ancient Lawn.A peacock struts on a former lawn. Phase 610°-1° A Glass-Bottomed Boat Reveals Undersea WondersA glass bottom boat reveals the wonders underwaterA Glass-bottomed Boat In Still Water.A glass bottom boat in calm waters. Phase 621°-2° Santa Claus Furtively Filling Stockings Hanging In Front Of FireplaceSaint Nicholas secretly fills stockings hanging in front of the fireplace.Santa Claus Filling Stockings Furtively.Saint Nicholas secretly fills stockings. Phase 632°-3° The Garden Of The Tuileries In ParisThe Tuileries Gardens in ParisThe Garden Of The Tuileries (Paris).The Tuileries Gardens in Paris. Phase 643°-4° Holly And Mistletoe Reawaken Old Memories Of ChristmasHolly and mistletoe bring back old memories of ChristmasHolly and Mistletoe.Stechplame and mistletoe. Phase 654°-5° A Revolutionary Magazine Asking For ActionA revolutionary newspaper calls for action.A Radical Magazine.A fundamentalist newspaper. Phase 665°-6° Workmen Drilling For OilWorkers drill for oil.Drilling For Oil.Drill for oil. Phase 676°-7° A Well With Bucket And Rope Under The Shade Of Majestic TreesA fountain with a bucket and rope in the shade of majestic trees.To old-fashioned well.An ancient well. Phase 687°-8° Aroused Strikers Surround A FactoryExcited workers on strike move to a factory.An industrial strike.A workers strike. Phase 698°-9° A Quiver Filled With ArrowsA quiver full of arrows.A Quiver Filled With ArrowsA quiver full of arrows. Phase 709°-10° An Airplane Performing A Nose DiveAn airplane nosediveAn airplane falling.A plane crashing. Phase 7110°-11° Newly Opened Lands Offer The Pioneer New Opportunities For ExperienceNewly developed countries offer the pioneer new opportunities for experience.A New Path Of Realism In Experience.A new realistic way in practical experience. Phase 7211°-12° A Negro Girl Fights For Her Independence In The CityA black girl is fighting for her independence in the city.A Topsy sassily Asserting Herself.A circus elephant outrageously prevails. Phase 7312°-13° A Famous Pianist Giving A Concert PerformanceA famous pianist is giving a concert.A Great Musician Ant His Piano.A great musician at his piano. Phase 7413°-14° Bridging Physical Space And Social Distinctions, Two Men Communicate TelepathicallyTwo people communicate telepathically, bridging spatial distance and social differences.A Conversation By Telepathy.A telepathic conversation. Phase 7514°-15° Two Dutch Children Talking To Each Other, Exchanging Their KnowledgeTwo Dutch children talk to each other, exchange their knowledgeTwo Dutch Children Talking.Two Dutch children are talking. Phase 7615°-16° A Woman Activist In An Emotional Speech Dramatizing Her CauseAn agitator presents her cause excitingly in an emotional speech.A Woman Suffragist Orating.A suffrage activist gives a speech. Phase 7716°-17° The Head Of A Robust Youth Changes Into That Of A Mature ThinkerThe head of a vigorous youth is transformed into that of a mature thinker.The Head Of Health Dissolved Into The Head Of Mentality.The head that is focused on the physical changes into a head that is focused on the spiritual. Phase 7817°-18° Two Chinese Men Converse In Their Native Tongue In An American CityTwo Chinese are talking in their mother tongue in the middle of an American city.Two Chinese Men Talking Chinese.Two Chinese speak Chinese. Phase 7918°-19° A Large Archaic Volume Reveals A Traditional WisdomA great old book reveals traditional wisdom.A Large Archaic Volume.A large ancient volume of a book. Phase 8019°-20° A Modern Cafeteria Displays An Abundance Of Food, Products Of Various RegionsA modern cafeteria offers an abundance of dishes and products from various regionsA cafeteria.A cafeteria. Phase 8120°-21° A tumultuous laboratory demonstrationA noisy workers' demonstration.A laboratory demonstration.A workers' demonstration. Phase 8221°-22° Dancing Couples In A Harvest FestivalDancing couples at a harvest festival.A barn dance.A folk dance (or: dance on the threshing floor). Phase 8322°-23° Three Fledglings In A Nest High In A TreeThree young birds in a nest high in the treeThree Fledglings In A Nest High In A TreeThree young birds in a nest high in the tree Phase 8423°-24° Children Skating Over A Frozen Village PondChildren ice skating on a frozen village pond.Children Skating On Ice.Children ice skating. Phase 8524°-25° A Gardener Trimming Large Palm TreesA gardener prunes large palm treesA man trimming palms.A man is pruning palm trees. Phase 8625°-26° Frost-Covered Trees Against Winter SkiesTrees covered with hoarfrost against a winter sky.Winter Frost In The Woods.A winter frozen forest. Phase 8726°-27° A Gypsy Emerging From The Forest Wherein Her Tribe Is EncampedA gypsy steps out of the forest where her tribe has its camp.A Gypsy Coming Out Of The Forest.A gypsy comes out of the forest. Phase 8827°-28° Through Bankruptcy, Society Gives To An Overburdened Individual The Opportunity To Begin AgainBy going bankrupt, society gives an overburdened individual the opportunity to start over.A Man Declared Bankrupt.A man is declared bankrupt. Phase 8928°-29° The First Mockingbird Of SpringThe first mockingbird of spring.The First Mockingbird In SpringThe first mockingbird in spring. Phase 9029°-30° A Parade Of Bathing Beauties Before Large Beach CrowdsA parade of bathing beauties in front of a large beach audience.Bathing beauties.Bathing beauties. Phase 910°-1° On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New OneOn a ship, the sailors bring in an old flag and raise a new one.A Furled And Unfurled Flag Displayed From A Vessel.A hoisted and a lowered flag shown by a ship. Phase 921°-2° A Man On A Magic Carpet Hovers Over A Large Area Of LandA man hovers over a vast land on a magic carpet.A Man Suspended Over A Vast Level Place.A man hovers over a huge field. Phase 932°-3° A Man Bundled In Fur Leads A Shaggy DeerA man wrapped in fur leads a shaggy stag.A Man All Bundled Up In Fur Leading a Shaggy Deer.A man wrapped in fur leads a shaggy stag. Phase 943°-4° A Cat Arguing With A MouseA cat is arguing with a mouse.A Cat Arguing With A MouseA cat is arguing with a mouse. Phase 954°-5° At A Railroad Crossing, An Automobile is Wrecked By A TrainAn automobile is crushed by a train at a level crossing.An Auto Wrecked By A Train.A car is crushed by the train. Phase 965°-6° Game Birds Feathering Their NestsGame birds upholster their nest.Game Birds Feathering Their NestsGame birds upholster their nest. Phase 976°-7° Two Nature Spirits Dancing Under the MoonlightTwo nature spirits dance in the moonlight.Two Fairies On A Moonlit Night.Two fairies on a moonlit night. Phase 987°-8° A Group Of Rabbits Dressed in Human Clothes Walk As If On ParadeA group of rabbits in human clothing walk like a parade.Rabbits Dressed In Clothes And On Parade.Rabbits parading in human clothes. Phase 998°-9° A Small Naked Girl Bends Over A Pond Trying To Catch A FishA small, naked girl leans over a pond to catch a fish.A Tiny Nude Miss Reaching In The Water For A Fish.A tiny young lady reaches for a fish in the water. Phase 1009°-10° A Large Diamond In The First Stages Of The Cutting ProcessA large diamond in the early stages of the grinding process.A Large Diamond Not Completely Carved.A partially unworked diamond. Phase 10110°-11° A Clown Caricaturing Well-Known PersonalitiesA clown imitates well-known personalities.A clown making grimaces.A clown makes faces. Phase 10211°-12° A Chinese Woman Nursing A Baby Whose Aura Reveals Him To Be The Reincarnation Of A Great TeacherA Chinese woman breastfeeds a baby whose aura shows that it is the reincarnation of a great teacher.A Chinese Woman Nursing A Baby With A Message.A Chinese woman breastfeeds a baby with a message. Phase 10312°-13° A Hand With A Prominent Thumb Is Held Out For StudyA hand with a dominant thumb is stretched out to analyze it.One Hand Slightly Flexed With A Very Prominent Thumb.A slightly curved hand with a very large thumb. Phase 10413°-14° A Very Old Man Facing A Vast Dark Space To The NortheastA very old man looks to a huge, dark room to the northeast.A Very Old Man Facing A Vast Dark Space To The North East.A very old man looks to a huge, dark room to the northeast. Phase 10514°-15° In A Sumptuous Dining Hall Guests Relax After Partaking Of A Huge BanquetAfter a sumptuous banquet, guests relax in a magnificent dining room.A Group Of People Who Have Overeaten And Enjoyed it.A group of people who have eaten too much and enjoyed it. Phase 10615°-16° A Man Studying A Mandala In Front Of Him, With The Help Of A Very Ancient BookA man studies a mandala that he has in front of him with the help of a very old book.A Man Before A Square With A Manuscript Scroll Before Him.A man in front of a square with a scroll in front of him. Phase 10716°-17° The Unfoldment Of Multilevel Potentialities Issuing From An Original GermThe development of complex potentials from an original seed.The Germ Grows Into Knowledge Of Life.The germ grows into life experience. Phase 10817°-18° A Hen Scratching The Ground To Find Nourishment For Her ProgenyA hen scratches the ground to find food for her offspring.A Hen Scratching For Her Chicks.A hen scratches for food for her chicks. Phase 10918°-19° A Priest Performing A Marriage CeremonyA clergyman celebrates a church wedding.A Priest Performing A Marriage CeremonyA clergyman celebrates a church wedding. Phase 11019°-20° Venetian Gondoliers Giving A SerenadeVenetian gondoliers play a serenade.Gondoliers In A Serenade.Gondoliers at a serenade. Phase 11120°-21° A Famous Singer Is Proving Her Virtuosity During An Operatic PerformanceA famous singer proves her skills at an opera performance.A Pima Donna Singing.A singing prima donna. Phase 11221°-22° A Young Woman Awaiting A SailboatA young woman waits for a sailboat.A Woman Awaiting A Sail Boat.A woman waits for a sailboat. Phase 11322°-23° The Meeting Of A Literary SocietyThe meeting of a literary society.Meeting Of A Literary SocietyThe meeting of a literary society. Phase 11423°-24° A Woman And Two Men Castaways On A Small Island Of The South SeasA woman and two men shipwrecked on a small island in the South Sea.A Woman And Two Men On A Bit Of Sunlit Land Facing South.A woman and two men on a small piece of sunny land facing south. Phase 11524°-25° A Willful Man Is Overshadowed By A Descent Of Superior PowerA strong-willed person is overshadowed by a rising, higher power.A Dark Shadow or Mantle Thrown Suddenly Over The Right Shoulder.A dark shadow or cloak that is suddenly thrown over the right shoulder. Phase 11625°-26° Guests Are Reading In The Library Of A Luxurious HomeGuests read in the library of a luxurious home.Contentment And Happiness In Luxury, People Reading On Developments.In the happiness and satisfaction of luxury, people read for education. Phase 11726°-27° A Violent Storm in A Canyon Filled With Expensive HomesA raging storm in a valley built with expensive homes.A Storm In A Canyon.A storm in a ravine. Phase 11827°-28° An Indian Girl Introduces Her White Lover To Her Assembled TribeAn Indian girl introduces her white friend to the assembled tribeA Modern Pocahontas.An Indian girl is ennobled to a western princess. Phase 11928°-29° A Greek Muse Weighing Newborn Twins In Golden ScalesA Greek muse weighs newborn twins on her golden scales.A Muse Weighting Twins.A muse weighs twins. Phase 12029°-30° A Daughter of The American RevolutionA daughter of the American Revolution.A Daughter of The American RevolutionA daughter of the American Revolution. Phase 1210°-1° Blood Rushes To A Man's Head As His Vital Energies Are Mobilized Under The Spur Of Ambition.The blood rises to the head of a man who, spurred on by ambition, mobilizes his energies.A case of apoplexy.A stroke. Phase 1221°-2° An epidemic of mumps.A mumps epidemic.An epidemic of mumps.A mumps epidemic. Phase 1232°-3° A Middle-Aged Woman, Her Long Hair Flowing Over Her Shoulders And In A Braless Youthful Garment.A middle-aged woman with long hair flowing down her shoulders and in a youthful strapless dress.A Woman Having Her Hair Bobbed.A woman with a short haircut. Phase 1243°-4° A Formally Dressed Elderly Man Stands Near Trophies He Brought Back From A Hunting Expedition.A nicely dressed elderly gentleman stands in front of hunting trophies that he has brought back from an expedition.A Man Formally Dressed And A Deer With Its Horns Folded.A well-dressed man and a deer with bent antlers. Phase 1254°-5° Rock Formations Tower Over A Deep Canyon.Rock formations loom over a deep gorge.Rock Formations At The Edge of precipice.Rock formations on the edge of the precipice. Phase 1265°-6° A Conservative, Old-Fashioned Lady Is Confronted By A "Hippie" Girl.A conservative, old-fashioned lady faces a hippie girl.An Old-fashioned Woman And A Flapper.An old-fashioned woman and an it girl. Phase 1276°-7° The Constellations Of Stars Shine Brilliantly In The Night Sky.The constellations shine brightly in the night sky.The Constellations In The Sky.The constellations in the sky. Phase 1287°-8° A Communist Activist Spreading His Revolutionary Ideals.A communist zealot spreads his revolutionary ideals.A Bolshevik propagandist.A communist agitator. Phase 1298°-9° Glass Blowers Shape Beautiful Vases With Their Controlled Breathing.Glassblowers create beautiful vases through their controlled breath.A glass blower.A glass blower. Phase 1309°-10° Early Morning Dew Sparkles As Sunlight Floods The Field.The morning dew glistens as sunlight floods the field.Early Morning Dew.Morning dew. Phase 13110°-11° Children Play On A Swing Hanging From The Branches Of A Huge Oak Tree.Children playing on a swing that hangs from a mighty oak tree.Children On a Swing Swinging In Beneath A Huge Oak Tree.Children swing near a mighty oak tree. Phase 13211°-12° An Evening Party Of Adults On A Lawn Illumined By Fancy Lanterns.An evening adult party on a meadow, lit by ornate lanterns.An Evening Lawn Party.An evening garden party. Phase 13312°-13° An Old Sea Captain Rocking Himself On The Porch Of His Cottage.An old captain in a rocking chair on the porch of his house.To Old Sea Captain Rocking.An old captain in a rocking chair. Phase 13413°-14° A Human Soul Seeking Opportunities For Outward Manifestation.A human soul in search of opportunities for outward manifestation.The Human Soul Awaiting Opportunity For Expression.A human soul looking for an opportunity to express itself. Phase 13514°-15° A Pageant, With Its Spectacular Floats, Moves Along A Street Crowded With Cheering People.A pageant with many magnificent, sensational floats moves through a street lined with happy people.A pageant.A pageant. Phase 13615°-16° The Storm Ended, All Nature Rejoices In Brilliant Sunshine.The storm is over, all of nature is enjoying the bright sunshine.Sunshine Just After A Storm.Sunshine immediately after a thunderstorm. Phase 13716°-17° A Volunteer Church Choir Singing Religious Hymns.An honorary church choir sings chorales.A Non-vested Church Choir.An honorary church choir. Phase 13817°-18° A Chemist Conducts An Experiment For His Students.A chemist conducts an experiment in front of his students.A Teacher of Chemistry.A chemistry teacher. Phase 13918°-19° A houseboat party.Party on a houseboat.A houseboat party.Party on a houseboat. Phase 14019°-20° Zuni Indians Perform A Ritual To The Sun.Zuni Indians during a sun ritual.The Zuni Sun Worshipers.The sun worship of the Zuni Indians. Phase 14120°-21° Intoxicated Chickens Dizzily Flap Their Wings Trying To Fly.Drunken chickens flutter their wings dizzy and try to fly.Chickens Intoxicated.Drunk chickens. Phase 14221°-22° A Carrier Pigeon Fulfilling Its Mission.A carrier pigeon in flight.A carrier pigeon.A carrier pigeon. Phase 14322°-23° In A Circus The Bareback Rider Displays Her Dangerous Skill.A rider on a saddled horse demonstrates her dangerous skills in a circus.A bareback rider.A rider without a saddle. Phase 14423°-24° Totally Concentrated Upon Inner Spiritual Attainment, A Man Is Sitting In A State Of Complete Neglect Of Bodily Appearance And Cleanliness.Fully focused on inner, spiritual advancement, sits a man who has completely neglected his outer appearance and cleanliness.To Untidy, Unkempt Man.A messy, unkempt man. Phase 14524°-25° A Large Camel Is Seen Crossing A Vast And Forbidding Desert.A large camel crosses a vast, dangerous desert.A Large Camel Crossing The Desert.A large camel crosses the desert. Phase 14625°-26° After the Heavy Storm, A Rainbow.A rainbow after a heavy storm.A rainbow.A rainbow. Phase 14726°-27° The Luminescence Of Dawn In The Eastern Sky.The glow of dawn in the eastern sky.Daybreak.Dawn. Phase 14827°-28° Many Little Birds On A Limb Of A Big Tree.Lots of little birds on the branch of a big tree.Many Little Birds On A Limb Of A Large TreeLots of little birds on the branch of a big tree. Phase 14928°-29° A Mermaid Emerges From The Ocean Waves Ready For Rebirth In Human Form.A mermaid rises from the waves, ready to be reborn in human form.A mermaid.A mermaid. Phase 15029°-30° To unsealed letter.An unsealed letter.To unsealed letter.An unsealed letter. Phase 1510°-1° In A Portrait, The Significant Features Of A Man's Head Are Artistically Emphasized.In a portrait, the most important features of a human head are artistically highlighted.A man's head.A man's head. Phase 1521°-2° A Large White Cross Dominates The Landscape.A large white cross dominates the landscape.A Large White Cross Upraised.A large, white, erect cross. Phase 1532°-3° Two Guardian Angels.Two guardian angels.Two Angels Bringing Protection.Two angels bring protection. Phase 1543°-4° Black And White Children Play Together Happily.Black and white children play happily together.A Colored Child Playing With Whites.A colored kid and white kids play together. Phase 1554°-5° A Man Becoming Aware Of Nature Spirits And Normally Unseen Spiritual Agencies.A person becomes aware of nature spirits and other normally invisible spiritual forces.A Man Dreaming Of Fairies.A person dreams of fairies. Phase 1565°-6° A merry-go-round.A carousel.A merry-go-round.A carousel. Phase 1576°-7° A harem.A harem.A harem.A harem. Phase 1587°-8° A Five-Year-Old Child Takes A First Dancing Lesson.A five year old child takes a first dance lesson.First Dancing Instruction.The first dance lesson. Phase 1598°-9° An Expressionist Painter At Work.An expressionist painter at work.A Man Making Futurist Drawing.A person makes a futuristic painting. Phase 1609°-10° Two Heads Looking Out And Beyond The Shadows.Two heads look out and look behind the shadows.Two Heads Looking Out And Beyond The ShadowsTwo heads look out and see behind the shadows. Phase 16110°-11° In Her Baby A Mother Sees Her Deep Longing For A Son Answered.A mother sees her baby as the answer to her deep longing for a son.A Boy Molded In His Mother's Aspiration For Him.A boy is molded according to his mother's demands. Phase 16211°-12° After The Wedding, The Groom Snatches The Veil Away From His BrideAfter the wedding, the groom removes the veil from his bride.A Bride With Her Veil Snatching Away.A bride's veil is torn away. Phase 16312°-13° A Powerful Statesman Overcomes A State Of Political Hysteria.A powerful statesman overcomes a state of political hysteria.A Strong Hand Supplanting Political Hysteria.A strong hand pushes political hysteria aside. Phase 16413°-14° An Aristocratic Family Tree.A noble family tree.A family tree.A family tree. Phase 16514°-15° A Fine Lace Handkerchief, Heirloom From Valorous Ancestors.A fine lace handkerchief, an old heirloom from brave ancestors.To Ornamental Handkerchief.A decorated handkerchief. Phase 16615°-16° In The Zoo, Children Are Brought Face To Face With An Orangutan.In a zoo, children face an orangutan face to face.To orangutans.An orangutan. Phase 16716°-17° A volcanic eruption.A volcanic eruption.A Volcano In Eruption.A volcanic eruption. Phase 16817°-18° To Ouija Board.A Ouija board.To Ouija BoardA Ouija board. Phase 16918°-19° A swimming race.A swimming competition.A swimming race.A swimming competition. Phase 17019°-20° A Caravan Of Cars Headed To The West Coast.A line of cars towards the west coast.To automobile caravans.A line of cars. Phase 17120°-21° A girls' basketball team.A girls' basketball team.A girls' basketball team.A girls' basketball team. Phase 17221°-22° A Royal Coat Of Arms Enriched With Precious Stones.A royal coat of arms set with valuable precious stones.A Royal Coat of Arms.A royal coat of arms. Phase 17322°-23° A Lion Tamer Displays His Skill And Character.A lion tamer demonstrates skill and character.To animal trainers.An animal tamer. Phase 17423°-24° Mary and Her Little Lamb.Mary and her little lamb.Mary And her White Lamb.Mary (possibly: Maria?) And her white lamb. Phase 17524°-25° A Flag At Half-Mast In Front Of A Public Building.A flag hangs at half-mast in front of a public building.A Flag At Half-mast.A flag at half mast. Phase 17625°-26° A Boy With A Censer Serves The Priest Near The Altar.A boy with a censer serves the priest at the altar.A boy with censer.A boy with a censer. Phase 17726°-27° A Group Of Aristocratic Ladies Meet Ceremonially At A Court's Function.A group of aristocratic ladies ceremonially meet at a court event.Grande Dames At Tea.Great artists at tea. Phase 17827°-28° A Baldheaded Man Who Has Seized Power.A bald man who has usurped power.A bald-headed man.A bald man. Phase 17928°-29° A Seeker After Occult Knowledge Is Reading An Ancient Scroll Which Illumines His Mind.A seeker of occult knowledge reads an ancient scroll that illuminates his thinking.A Man Gaining Secret Knowledge From A Paper He Is Reading.A man obtains secret knowledge from a document he is reading. Phase 18029°-30° Totally Intent Upon Completing An Immediate Task, A Man Is Deaf To Any Allurement.Completely devoted to the completion of his current task, a person is deaf to all temptation.A False Call Escaped In Attention To Immediate Service.A false alarm leads to an immediate action. Phase 1810°-1° In A Collection Of Perfect Specimens Of Many Biological Forms, A Butterfly Displays The Beauty Of Its Wings, Its Body Impaled By A Fine Dart.In a collection of accomplished examples of many different life forms, a butterfly shows the beauty of its wings; his body is impaled by a thin arrow.A Butterfly Made Perfect By A Dart Through It.A butterfly is perfected by inserting a needle through it. Phase 1821°-2° The Transmutation Of The Fruits Of Past Experiences Into The Seed-Realizations Of The Forever Creative Spirit.The transformation of the fruits of earlier experiences into seed knowledge for the always creative spirit.The Light Of The Sixth Race Transmuted To The Seventh.The light of the sixth root race (cf. Theosophy) is transferred into that of the seventh. Phase 1832°-3° The Dawn Of A New Day Reveals Everything Changed.The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed.The Dawn Of A New Day - Everything Changed.The dawn of a new day - everything has changed. Phase 1843°-4° Around A Campfire A Group Of Young People Sit In Spiritual Communion.A group of young people sit around a campfire in spiritual bond.A Group Around A Campfire.A group of people around a campfire. Phase 1854°-5° A Man Revealing To His Students The Foundation Of An Inner Knowledge Upon Which A "New World" Could Be Built.A man reveals to his students the foundations of inner knowledge on which a "new world" can be built.A Man Teaching The True Inner Knowledge.A person teaches true inner knowledge. Phase 1865°-6° A Man Watches His Ideals Taking A Concrete Form Before His Inner Vision.A man watches his ideals take concrete form in his mind's eye.The Ideals Of A Man Abundantly Crystallized.A person's ideals take on abundant concrete forms. Phase 1876°-7° A Woman Feeding Chickens And Protecting Them From The Hawks.A woman feeds chicks and protects them from the hawks.A Woman Feeding Chicken And Protecting Them From The Hawks.A woman feeds chicks and protects them from the hawks. Phase 1887°-8° A Blazing Fireplace In A Deserted Home.A bright fire burns in the fireplace in an abandoned house.A Blazing Fireplace In A Deserted Home.A bright fire burns in the fireplace in an abandoned house. Phase 1898°-9° Three "old masters" hang on the wall of a special room in an art gallery.Three "Old Masters" Hanging On The Wall Of A Special Room In An Art Gallery.Three Old Masters Hanging In An Art Gallery.Three "old masters" hang in an art gallery. Phase 1909°-10° Having Passed Through Narrow Rapids, A Canoe Reaches Calm Waters.After negotiating narrow rapids, a canoe reaches calm water.A Canoe Approaching Safety Through Dangerous Waters.A canoe approaches safety through the white water. Phase 19110°-11° A Professor Peering Over His Glasses At His Students.A professor peers over his glasses at his students.A Professor Peering Over His Glasses.A professor peers over his glasses. Phase 19211°-12° Miners Are Surfacing From A Deep Coal Mine.Miners emerge from a deep coal seam to the surface.Miners Emerging From A Mine.Miners rise from the tunnel. Phase 19312°-13° Children Blowing Soap Bubbles.Children make soap bubbles.Children Blowing Soap Bubbles.Children make soap bubbles. Phase 19413°-14° In The Heat Of The Noon Hour A Man Takes A Siesta.A man having his siesta in the midday heat.A noon siesta.A midday siesta. Phase 19514°-15° Circular Paths.Circular paths.Circular Paths.Circular paths. Phase 19615°-16° After A Storm A Boat Landing Stands In Need Of Reconstruction.After a storm, a jetty has to be refurbished.A Boat Landing Washed Away.A washed away boat landing stage. Phase 19716°-17° A Retired Sea Captain Watches Ships Entering And Leaving The HarborA retired captain watches ships enter and exit port.A Retired Sea Captain.A retired ship captain. Phase 19817°-18° Two Men Placed Under Arrest.Two people under arrest.Two Men Placed Under Arrest.Two people under arrest. Phase 19918°-19° A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding.A band of robbers is hiding.A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding.A band of robbers is hiding. Phase 20019°-20° A Rabbi Performing His Duties.A rabbi in the performance of his duties.A Jewish Rabbi.A Jewish rabbi. Phase 20120°-21° A Sunday Crowd Enjoying The Beach.A crowd enjoys the beach on Sundays.A crowd upon the beach.A crowd on the beach. Phase 20221°-22° A Child Giving Birds A Drink At A Fountain.A child lets birds drink from a fountain.A Child Giving Birds A Drink At A Fountain.A child lets birds drink from a fountain. Phase 20322°-23° Chanticleer's Voice Heralds Sunrise.A rooster crows to announce the sunrise.Chanticleer.A rooster. Phase 20423°-24° A Butterfly With A Third Wing On Its Left Side.A butterfly with a third wing on its left side.A Third Wing On The Left Side Of A Butterfly.A butterfly with a third wing on its left side. Phase 20524°-25° The Sight Of An Autumn Leaf Brings To A Pilgrim The Sudden Revelation Of The Mystery Of Life And Death.At the sight of an autumn-colored leaf, a pilgrim suddenly reveals the secret of life and death.Information In The Symbol Of An Autumn Leaf.The information on a sign that is on an autumn leaf. Phase 20625°-26° An Eagle And A Large White Dove Change Into Each Other.An eagle and a large white dove merge.An Eagle And A Large White Dove Turning One Into The Other.An eagle turns into a great white dove. Phase 20726°-27° An Airplane Sails, High In The Clear Sky.A glider high up in the blue sky.At airplane hovering overhead.An airplane hovers in the sky. Phase 20827°-28° A Man Becoming Aware Of Spiritual Forces Surrounding And Assisting Him.A person becomes aware of spiritual forces that surround and help him.A Man In The Midst Of Brightening Influences.A person in the midst of illuminating influences. Phase 20928°-29° Mankind's Vast And Enduring Effort To Reach For Knowledge Transferable From Generation To GenerationThe mighty, ongoing effort of humanity to reach for knowledge that can be passed on from generation to generation.Humanity Seeking To Bridge The Span Of Knowledge.Humanity tries to bridge the span of its knowledge. Phase 21029°-30° Three Mounds Of Knowledge On A Philosopher's Head.Three hills of knowledge on a wise man's head.Three Mounds Of Knowledge On A Philosopher's Head.Three hills of knowledge on a wise man's head. Phase 2110°-1° A Crowded Sightseeing Bus On A City Street.A fully occupied bus during the city tour on a city street.A sight-seeing bus.A bus on a sightseeing tour. Phase 2121°-2° A Delicate Bottle Of Perfume Lies Broken, Releasing Its Fragrance.A delicate perfume bottle is broken, scent is emanating from it.A Broken Bottle And Spilled Perfume.A broken vial and spilled perfume. Phase 2132°-3° A House-Raising Party In A Small Village Enlists The Neighbors' Cooperation.A house building party in a small town to recruit neighbors to help.A house raising.House building. Phase 2143°-4° A Youth Carries A Lighted Candle In A Devotional Ritual.A youth carries a burning candle in a religious ritual.A Youth Holding A Lighted Candle.A boy carries a burning candle. Phase 2154°-5° A Massive Rocky Shore Resist The Pounding Of The Sea.A massive rocky coast resists the pounding surf.A massive, rocky shore.A massive rocky coast. Phase 2165°-6° The Gold Rush Tears Men Away From Their Native Soil.The gold rush pulls people away from their homes.A gold rush.A gold rush. Phase 2176°-7° Deep-Sea Divers.Deep sea divers.Deep-Sea Divers.Deep sea divers. Phase 2187°-8° A Calm Lake Bathed In Moonlight.A quiet lake bathed in moonlight.The Moon Shining Across A Lake.The moon shines on a lake. Phase 2198°-9° A Dentist At Work.A dentist at work.Dental work.A dental treatment. Phase 2209°-10° A Fellowship Supper Reunites Old Comrades.A meal together unites old comrades anew.A fellowship supper.Eating together among comrades. Phase 22110°-11° A Drowning Man is Being Rescued.A drowning man is saved.A Drowning Man Rescued.A drowning man rescued. Phase 22211°-12° To Official Embassy Ball.An official embassy ball.To Embassy Ball.A message ball. Phase 22312°-13° An Inventor Performs A Laboratory Experiment.An inventor performing a laboratory experiment.To Inventor Experimenting.An inventor experiments. Phase 22413°-14° Telephone Lineman At Work Installling New Connections.Telecommunications engineers make new connections.Telephone Lineman At Work.Telecommunications technician at work. Phase 22514°-15° Children Playing Around Five Mounds Of Sand.Children play between five sand hills.Children Playing Around Five Mounds Of Sand.Children play between five sand hills. Phase 22615°-16° A Girl's Face Breaking Into A Smile.A girl's face begins to smile.A Girl's Face Breaking Into A Smile.A girl's face begins to smile. Phase 22716°-17° A Woman, Fecundated By Her Own Spirit, Is "Great With Child".A woman, fertilized by her own spirit, carries a child under her heart.A Woman The Father Of Her Own Child.A woman is the father of her own child. Phase 22817°-18° A Path Through Woods Brilliant With Multicolored Splendor.A path leads through a brightly colored autumn forest.A Woods Rich In Autumn Coloring.A forest in autumn colors. Phase 22918°-19° A Parrot Repeats The Conversation He Has Overheard.A parrot repeats the overheard conversation.A Parrot, Listening And Then Talking.A parrot listens, then repeats it. Phase 23019°-20° A Woman Draws Away Two Dark Curtains Closing The Entrance To A Sacred Pathway.A woman pulls two dark curtains at the entrance to a sacred path.A Woman Drawing Two Dark Curtains Aside.A woman pulls aside two dark curtains. Phase 23120°-21° Obeying His Conscience, A Soldier Resists Orders.Obeying his conscience, a soldier defies orders.A Soldier Derelict In Duty.A soldier violates his duties. Phase 23221°-22° Hunters Shooting Wild Ducks.Hunters shoot wild ducks.Hunters Starting Out For Ducks.Hunters go duck hunting. Phase 23322°-23° A Rabbit Metamorphoses Into A Nature Sprit.A rabbit transforms into a nature spirit.A Bunny Metamorphosed Into A Fairy.A rabbit turns into an elf. Phase 23423°-24° After Having Heard An Inspired Individual Deliver His "Sermon On The Mount," Crowds Are Returning Home.After hearing the "Sermon on the Mount" from an inspired person, the crowd returns home.Crowds Coming Down The Mountain To Listen To One Man.Crowds come down the mountain where they were listening to a person. Phase 23524°-25° To X-Ray Photographer.An x-ray.To X-Ray.An x-ray. Phase 23625°-26° American Indians Making Camp After Moving Into A New Territory.Indians camp after moving to a new area.Indians Making Camp.Indians set up camp. Phase 23726°-27° A Military Band Marches Noisily On Through The City Streets.A military band marches noisily through the streets of the world.A Military Band On The March.A military band marching. Phase 23827°-28° The King Of The Fairies Approaching His Domain.The Elven King is approaching his empire.The King Of The Fairies Approaching His Domain.The Elven King is approaching his empire. Phase 23928°-29° An Indian Squaw Pleading To The Chief For The Lives Of Her Children.An Indian squaw begs the chief for the lives of their children.An Indian Squaw Pleading To The Chief For The Lives Of Her Children.An Indian squaw begs the chief for the lives of their children. Phase 24029°-30° Children In Halloween Costumes Indulge In Various Pranks.Children in Halloween costumes enjoy all sorts of pranks.