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These animals are unique, they all have a rust-colored ears, hooves and black spotted muzzle. They have a spot in the age of two, and gradually spread to the neck and shoulder.

There was no case to calves in the herd were born of a different color. It is believed that the white cattle never hybridized with any livestock. Therefore, it is different from the thousands of other members of the cattle. Analyzes showed that the blood of these animals is different from the rest of the blood of cattle in Western Europe.

The bulls horns grow back and bent outwards, and the cows are folded back. Shape of the skull and horns are the same as the rounds - wild cattle that have died, but whose images can be seen in Europe in the ancient cave paintings. Some experts believe the direct descendants of white cows tours, once roamed the British Isles. However, their origin remains unclear.

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