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For the STH project, Sikorsky and the German technology company Rheinmetall formed a core team from well-known German industrial companies at an early stage - including MTU Aero Engines, Autoflug GmbH and Hydro Systems KG. A large part of the added value will therefore take place in Germany (approx. 10% of production and 70% of maintenance work). The estimated order volume for German industry is around one billion euros in the first step and, thanks to the planned useful life of the STH helicopter fleet of more than 40 years, offers significant growth potential for further added value in Germany. In addition, up to 500 highly qualified additional jobs are to be created in Germany. Some of these jobs are to be created in Saxony, where Rheinmetall is planning to set up a logistics center on the premises of Leipzig-Halle Airport. The excellent framework conditions and opportunities for integration, as well as the proximity to the launch site of the STH fleet at the Bundeswehr Air Base Holzdorf (HSG 64), predestine this location.

Parallel to the German tender, the CH-53K is also competing for the procurement of a new heavy transport helicopter in Israel. The existing cooperation between the Israeli and German air forces, e.g. in the joint training of aircraft crews, also shows a comparable approach to aircraft requirements and future opportunities for cooperation. Other international military personnel are also expressing interest in replacing their aging helicopter fleets with the modern Sikorsky CH-53K heavy transport helicopter in the future.