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Series information

"A wonderful day to save lives."
Derek Shepherd

Derek Christopher Shepherd was the chief physician of neurosurgery at Gray-Sloan Memorial Hospital

Previous life Edit source]

When Derek was little, he and his sister Amelia had to watch their father get killed. Dr. Derek Shepherd joins Seattle Grace Hospital as a neurosurgeon. He escapes from his marital problems with Addison Montgomery-Shepherd. These were made through an affair between his wife and best friend Dr. Mark Sloan raised. Mark starts working as a plastic surgeon at Seattle Grace in season three. Over time, and after Derek knocks Mark in the face, Shepherd forgives him and the two are best friends again.

Life [edit | Edit source]

In the first scene of the first episode, he wakes up next to Meredith Gray. Later in the episode, it turns out that Derek is Meredith's supervisor, which is why she initially fends off Derek's advances. In the fifth episode, the two begin a more or less secret relationship until Derek's secret wife Addison Montgomery appears in the season finale.

In general, Meredith is the woman Derek wants from the start, but for various reasons the two do not have a continuous relationship. In the fourth season, Derek is in a relationship with the nurse Rose for a few episodes. But Derek quickly realizes that Meredith is the only woman he loves and so the two finally come together in the episode Freedom. Derek and Meredith adopt Zola from Africa. Derek makes a very extraordinary proposal to Meredith. But because both are always so busy and therefore not getting married, they write their marriage vows on a post-it note in the common room of the interns.

At the beginning of season 6, Derek and Meredith enjoy life as a newly "wed" couple. Her colleagues initially doubted Meredith and Derek's marriage because it was not legally concluded, but later accept the two as a married couple.

In The either-or trap he informs the board of directors that Richard Webber has a drinking problem. This leads to his being appointed as a transitional chief physician. The new job quickly becomes a stress test for his relationship with Meredith. Both because of the greater responsibility and more stress, as well as the fact that some professional things that Derek Meredith relates to have to be treated confidentially. This means that Meredith cannot always tell her best friend Cristina the whole truth.

In The time warp He arranges a seminar in which some doctors from the hospital present old cases and their approaches. In episode 16, he again clashes with Richard Webber because of different views regarding the treatment of a patient.

In sensitivity he has to face Gary Clark. His wife was in a coma from which, according to Derek's prognosis, she will never wake up again. Due to their living will, the attending physicians were legally forced to switch off the ventilators. At the beginning of the season finale, Meredith learns that she is pregnant. She goes to Derek's office to tell him. However, the latter is busy, whereupon they postpone the conversation until the evening.

A short time later, Gary Clark comes back to the hospital armed. He wants revenge for the death of his wife. Richard Webber, his wife's attending physician, is on his list; Lexie Gray, she had turned off the machine that ventilated his wife, and Derek himself. On the way to Derek, Clark shot several people and seriously injured Alex Karev.

When he finally faces Derek, he wants to kill him, but Derek can calm him down. Just at the moment when Clark is lowering the gun, April Kepner bursts in, whereupon Clark shoots Derek in the chest and flees when he sees the approaching SWAT team.

Meredith and Cristina manage to get Derek into an operating room, but there is no senior doctor on the entire floor, which is why Cristina has to operate on Derek. During the operation, Clark enters the operating room and holds a pistol to Cristina's head and threatens that he would shoot her if she continued to operate. Then Meredith, who was supposed to be waiting outside, enters the operating room and tells Clark that if he wants revenge, he should shoot her. Jackson, who operates with Cristina, tricked Clark and made Derek appear dead. Clark then leaves the operating room, assuming that Derek has died. Cristina and Jackson can continue to operate on Derek and he survives.

While she cares for the wounded Owen Hunt, Meredith suffers a miscarriage due to all the stress, which she initially hides from Derek. Only in episode 2 of the seventh season does she tell Derek about the pregnancy and the miscarriage.

In the first episode of the seventh season (Newborn) Derek often ends up at the police station because he drove way too fast. He became an adrenaline junkie from the fact that he faced death and survived. However, when Meredith explains to him that she is afraid of losing him every time he drives out of the driveway, he promises her to drive more slowly in the future.

In episode 3 of the seventh season (Freaks) his sister Amelia comes to visit because he has not answered her calls. They clash a little, but make up at the end of the episode when Derek tells her why he didn't call her after he nearly died.

In season 8, he sits on the plane that crashes, with his left hand stuck in a piece of the plane. Callie Torres manages to get his hand 100% functional again after a lot of hard work and risk.

At the end of season 9, his first son (Derek Bailey) is born in a big storm.

In the third from last episode of the eleventh season, he witnessed a car accident and immediately gave first aid. Later, when the ambulances arrived through the smoke from the exploded car to take the injured to the hospital, he got into his car. Just as he was driving he got a call and stopped. At that moment he was hit by a truck. Later in the hospital, he is pronounced brain dead. Meredith decides to turn off the phone, but without discussing her decision with anyone.

After Derek's death, Meredith learns that she is pregnant. So Derek has a daughter he never found out about, let alone met her.

In season 13, episode 8, Derek can be seen one last time in a short scene in the operating room. He can also be seen in season 15 of "Day of the Dead" with Mark Sloan.

In season 17 he made a few appearances during Meredith's "Dreaming", on the beach.

Personality [edit | Edit source]

Derek is a charming, handsome man who has a slight tendency towards arrogance. He loves his wife Meredith more than anything and even rejects the president several times for her and their children. Derek is a romantic who sees things in black and white. He is a surgeon with heart and soul and even gives up his dream job as head physician to operate when he realizes that it is more about "bureaucracy" than medical.

Quotes [edit | Edit source]

(Meredith, Addison, Rose and Derek are in the elevator. Mark joins them)

mark: "I bet you would have preferred to take the stairs today!"

Derek: "Hm..."

"Is the limit metaphorical or should I get you a pencil?"

- Derek (to Meredith)

"A wonderful day to save lives." - Derek

"I didn't become a doctor to play God. I became a doctor to save lives!"

- Derek

What he doesn't like Edit source]

  • Lies (e.g. when Meredith manipulated research)
  • failed marriages
  • Archer Montgomery
  • Be chief physician
  • ask his sisters for help
  • mint

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • played the saxophone and guitar in high school.
  • Preference for ferries.
  • caught his ex-wife Addison in bed with his best friend Mark.
  • Say before every operation: "A wonderful day to save lives"
  • has five different surgical caps. Favorite hood: one with ferries.
  • in the episode "Questions of Faith" he gives Meredith a lot of information about himself so that she can get to know him properly: My mother's maiden name: Maloney. I have four sisters. I have nine nieces and five nephews. I like coffee ice cream, single malt scotch, a good cigar, I go fishing every now and then. And I cheat on the Sunday crossword puzzle. I never dance in public. Favorite novel: The Sun also Rises. Favorite band: The Clash. Favorite color: blue, but not light blue, indigo. This scar on my forehead is why I stopped riding a motorcycle. And I live in this trailer. This property is mine. I don't know what to do with it yet. That's all. You've earned that much. Otherwise, you just have to trust me.
  • wanted to die in Meredith's arms at age 110. But he never made it.
  • Swedish viewers know him as Dr. Drömprins - Dr. Dream prince
  • misses his father, who was killed in a raid on his shop. Derek and his little sister Amelia had to watch.
  • wanted to quit his job in season 5.
  • was responsible for the death of a patient for the first time in his sophomore year: James Hanson.
  • Addison once wrote a love song.
  • in his opinion, his ex-brother-in-law Archer hates him.
  • Cristina, who saved him through an emergency operation, suffers psychological trauma, and Derek does everything to help her.
  • spoke to the President of the United States on the 12th episode of season 10.

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