Shadashtak Yoga means something

Shadashtak yoga


Shadashtak yog occurs when any 2 rashis / moon signs are 6/8 or 8/6 from each other respectively. For example, a groom's rashi is Mesh and bride's rashi is Kanya and if you count, it is 6 numbers / rashis away from Mesh to Kanya. Similarly, if you count from Bride's rashi to Groom's rashi, it is 8 rashis away from Kanya to Mesh. The above combination or situation is known as Shadashtak (Shad + Ashtak, 6 + 8 combo), which is inauspicious and not recommended for marriage. The primary reasons are, 6th house in astrology is referred to diseases and enemies whereas 8th house for sudden death or fatal accidents hence inauspicious. If married, the couple might end up quarrelling on a regular basis, might get afflicted with diseases, troubled by new enemies, accidents and unexpected death hence learned sages and vedic astrologers suggested not to go ahead with such a 6/8 combo or Shadashtak Bhakoot which is most important part of Ashtkoot Milan while matching birthcharts of brides and grooms.