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Evaluation of the entire service

Plus there is different Platforms that evaluate the service of individual airlines in a ranking. The specialist for air passenger rights Airhelp, rates the service based on the following criteria: punctuality (Approach and landing) for every single flight that Servce in general regarding food, convenience and friendliness of the whole crew the airline and, lastly, the claims processing, whereby it is about Compensation payments goes to the passenger (including the Duration the payment of benefits). In 2019 apply (in descending order) Qatar Airways, American Airlines and Aeromexico for the airlines with the best overall service. Both European airlines lands in the first 10 places SAS with place 4, Luxair with place 8 and Austrian Airlines with 9th place. Looking at the flights within Germany, then SAS is in first place, then comes Austrian Airlines and KLM.

The best-known ranking, however, is the ranking of Skytrax. To measure the quality of the service, Sytrax conducts its own surveys for 100 Airlines through. Not just that Service on board of the aircraft is evaluated, but also the evaluation of the Booking and check-in process on the website of the respective airline are included in the ranking. The Ranking is full and refers to punctuality, the provisions regarding luggage, comfort in the seat, the quality of the food, helpfulness and friendliness of the staff, the entertainment program offered (e.g. films, series, music and games) and cleanliness Board. According to Skytrax, the first three places (in descending order) in 2019 were: Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines and All Nippon Airways (ANA). The German Lufthansa had to descend from seventh place to ninth place. The dominance is noticeable Asian companies and only one European (Lufthansa) in the top 10 places. Low-cost airlines generally do worse. At least it could Easyjet move up from 43rd place (2018) to 37th place. Other low cost airlines like Ryanair and the Spanish Vueling land further back, with 59th and 91st place respectively. The test winner among the cheap fliers is considered AirAsia with 20th place.

If you look at the Categories in detail, so Skytrax comes to the following results: 1st place for the topic Airport support comes All Nippon (ANA), at "In-flight entertainment" Emirates comes in first place and on the subject cleanliness EVA Air 2019 makes it to the forefront of the cabin.

Also on the topic security there are two rankings. Skytrax itself refers to the IATRA Safety Audit and comes to the conclusion that there is no objectively usable data on this topic. The portal is different. There are some of the safest airlines there BritishAirways, Qatar Airways and Swiss Air (to name a few examples). In addition, the one from Hamburg also publishes "Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Center" (JACDEC) has its own safety ranking. The ranking is based on data collected since 1991 regarding aircraft accidents and critical incidents during the flight. In 2020 there will be number one and two airlines from the United Arab Emirates (Emirates and EtihadAirways). Two European airlines (Air Europa and Finnair) in the JACDEC ranking.

In order to maintain safety standards, the European Commission runs a blacklist with airlines that do not adhere to the strict EU security regulations. If a company lands on this list, it is not allowed to use any of the airports in the EU or Switzerland. African societies are mainly found on this list. It should be noted that only those companies can be listed that actually go to airports in the EU or Switzerland. In addition, it should be noted that the individual airlines have their performance in the list contest can (request deletion from the list).

A particularly detailed The magazine takes a look at the services offered by various airlines "Clever travel!". It also considers, among other things, the possibility of a seat (seats with more legroom, seats at the emergency exit or XL seats) against one small Surcharge to reserve, offer a Rail & Fly ticket (combines the flight with the train journey) and access to the Lounge of the airline (despite booking in Economy Class). Cut surprisingly bad American airlines including American Airlines and Delta Air Lines. The particularly negative reason given for this is that many services chargeable or are only available for status customers.

In conclusion, one can say that one should weigh up between price and services or quality. You should also consider which offers are particularly important to you and choose accordingly. However, the most expensive flight does not necessarily have to be the best. For most passengers, the price and the total duration of the flight (including transfer times) will probably weigh more heavily.