How to remove the TV from the wall mount

Don't copy: These mistakes break televisions!

Televisions are pretty sensitive, you can already see that on them: The screen is a huge, wafer-thin pane of glass, held only by a thin frame. A careless bump is enough for a total loss. Even the transport is tricky, large televisions can only survive in a standing box. After arriving in your own four walls, you have to heave the good piece out of the box undamaged and remove the leaves from the styrofoam. Wall mounting poses the next risks for the television. The surfaces of the screens are also sensitive, and if cleaned incorrectly, things can quickly go wrong. The following overview lists the most common mistakes that can cause lasting damage to televisions. And you will find tips on how to prevent the worst.

The TV deadly sins

TV tips against burn-in, scratches and overvoltage

The TV is a real magnet for dust, so regular cleaning is essential. But be careful: without the right cloths, you can quickly have big scratches on the screen. Aggressive chemistry is also taboo. Do you have a television with all the latest OLED technology? Then you shouldn't let the same still image run for too long, because that can leave long-lasting shadows - we often talk about burn-in. In any case, caution always applies during thunderstorms: this may lead to overvoltage in the power grid. It is safest to unplug the power cable and in any case also the antenna cable and network cable, you also have to disconnect all connected players from the sockets. If you still don't want to or can't pull the plug (when you're away on vacation, for example), buy a socket strip with surge protection as a precaution. In the event of an accident: COMPUTER BILD introduces you to worthwhile new televisions in all price ranges - click through the overview.

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