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Ever since Pokémon Gold and Silver came out, there's another way to evolve Pokémon: evolving through affection. It is not enough to bring the Pokémon to a certain level. In addition, it has to be happy. This method has since appeared in all subsequent editions and has become an integral part of the game.

In the Pokémon world, one speaks of affection, satisfaction, friendship or happiness. Affection, i.e. how happy a Pokémon is, is expressed in affection points. It does not match the mechanics of "trust" introduced in X / Y, which is displayed with hearts in PokémonAmi.

What does the affection bring you?

Affection actually has an important meaning for the game: firstly, some Pokémon only evolve when they are lucky enough, and secondly, they determine the strength of the Return and Frustration attacks. There are also attack tutors who only want to teach your Pokémon certain attacks when they are fully affectionate (for example Flora Statue, Fire Cannonade, Aqua Dove and Draco Meteor).


Pokémon that reach the next evolutionary level through affection develop as soon as their level increases by one and it has at least 220 affection points.

The following Pokémon develop through affection:

Return and frustration

The damage that the Return or Frustration attacks cause depends on the Affection Points a Pokémon has. Frustration is greatest when the Pokémon has 0 Affection Points; Return when it has 255 points. The maximum strength of the attacks is 102 damage.

Basic satisfaction

Every Pokémon has a basic happiness. This determines how many Affection Points a Pokémon has if it has just been caught. For most Pokémon this is 70. The following are the Pokémon that do not:

0 Arceus, Darkrai, Deoxys, Dialga, Genesect, Giratina, Groudon, Haspiror, Ho-Oh, Kyogre, Kyurem, Lugia, Mewtwo, Palkia, Rayquaza, Regigigas, Reshiram, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zekrom, Zygarde, Solgaleo, Lunala, type: Zero, Marshadow
35Absol, Arktos, Banette, Brutalanda, Caesurio, Despotar, Dragonir, Dragoran, Draschel, Dratini, Duodino, Entei, Folipurba, Galagladi, Gladiantri, Glaziola, Grypheldis, Guardevoir, Hundemon, Hunduster, Kanivanha, Kapuno, Keldeo, child worm, Kobalium, Kramshef, Kramurx, Larvitar, Lavados, Maxax, Metagross, Metang, Milza, Nachtara, Noktuska, Chatting, Pupitar, Raikou, Regice, Regirock, Registeel, Sharfax, Shuppet, Skallyk, Snibunna, Sniebel, Stollos, Stollrak, Stollunior, Suicune, Tanhel, Terrakium, Tohaido, Trasla, Traunfugil, Traunmagil, Trikephalo, Tuska, Viridium, Viscargot, Viscogon, Viscora, Zapdos, Zobiris, Zurrokex, Zwirrfinst, Zwirrklop, Zwirrlicht
90Boreos, Demeteros, Latias, Latios, Voltolos
100Ambidiffel, Celebi, Cresselia, Glibunkel, Heatran, Jirachi, Luxio, Meloetta, Mew, Pachirisu, Shaymin, Victini
140Chaneira, Heiteira, Jirachi, Mew, Piepi, Pixi, Schlapor, Selfe, Tobutz, Vesprit, Wonneira

If you swap or transfer the Pokémon to another edition via Pokémon Bank, the affection is always reset to its standard value. Pokémon that have hatched from an egg have a base friendship value of 120. Pokémon that are caught with a friend ball automatically receive a friendship of 200 at start.

Change affection

Over time, the Pokémon's affection changes. One and the same action can raise or lower the affection to different degrees. How big the impact is depends on how many points it had before. Below is a list of how you can increase or decrease friendship. The standard values ​​refer to the seventh generation, values ​​in square brackets indicate the effect from the fifth and sixth generation. Changes to previous generations are noted below the table.

Running 128 steps with the Pokémon in a team (45% chance) [256 steps, 50% chance]+2
Lomi-Lomi massage ("much more trusting")+40+40+40
Lomi-Lomi massage ("much more trusting")+20+20+20
Lomi-Lomi massage ("a little more trusting")+10+10+10
Massage in Stratos / Relievera / Malvenfroh City (Gen 5 & 6)[+30][+10][+5]
Use vitamins (KP-Plus, protein, ...) on the Pokémon+5+3+2
Put feathers on the Pokémon+3+2+1
Put EV lowering berries on the Pokémon+10+5+2
Support the Pokémon with combat items (X attack, megablock, ...)+1
Use in important battles (arena leader, island king, top 4, champion)+3+2+1
Level increase (per level)+5
Pokémon is defeated in a fight (opponents maximum 29 levels higher)-1-1-1
Pokémon is defeated in a fight (opponent at least 30 levels higher)-5
Use of energy dust or healing powder-5-5-10
Use of power root-10-10-15
Use of vital herbs-15-15-20

If the Pokémon was caught in a luxury ball or if the player is currently at the Pokémon's capture location, each increase in affection is increased by an additional point - or by two points, if both are true. If your Pokémon wears the soft bell item, every increase in friendship is increased by 50%.

Up to generation four, your entire team was sure to receive a bonus point for affection every 256 steps. EV-lowering berries, such as the pomegranate or setang berries, were introduced with ruby ​​and sapphire and initially resulted in an increase of & # 123 + 3, + 3, + 1}. In generation four they increased the affection by 2 regardless of the current friendship, before the system was made much more generous with black and white.

In generations 2-4 you had the opportunity to have your Pokémon looked after by Sarah Eich, which generated an affection bonus of & # 123 + 3, + 3, + 1}. The same bonus brings the massage in Schleiede (diamond, pearl, platinum). The hairdresser in the underground of Dukatia City (gold, silver, heart gold, soul silver) also offers your Pokémon a massage. The effect is random, but is displayed to you as with the Lomi-Lomi massage. The signal word "happy" stands for an increase of & # 123 + 1, + 1, + 1}, "happier" for & # 123 + 3, + 3, + 1} and "delighted" for & # 123 + 5, + 5, + 2} for the younger brother and for & # 123 + 10, + 10, + 4} for the older brother.

The rules in the first generation were a bit special - more precisely in the Yellow Edition. There your Pikachu received the same affection boost through the use of potion items as through level-ups: & # 123 + 5, + 3, + 2}. Teaching a TM or VM was rewarded with & # 123 + 1, + 1, + 0}. However, the affection for & # 123-3, -3, -5} was affected when you deposited it on the PC.

Contrary to other rumors, the following actions since generation 2 have no influence on satisfaction:

  • Store a Pokémon on the PC.
  • Give the Pokémon an item to wear (does not apply to the "Gentle Bell" item).
  • Status changes
  • KPs in the critical area
  • Fight or win normal battles with Pokémon without increasing the level.
  • Increase in confidence via PokémonAmi

Experiencing affection status

There is a way you can find out roughly how many Affection Points your Pokémon has.

(Ultra) sun and (ultra) moon

In Pokémon (Ultra) Sun and (Ultra) Moon you can have the affection checked in Konikoni City on Akala at the lady next to the TM shop.

  • Oh dear, are you a little strict? Or are you using the frustration attack? (0 points)
  • Could it be that you often knock it out in fights? lets go ...? (1 - 49 points)
  • Hm ... you still have some work to do ... (50 - 99 points)
  • It's a little bit trusting ... Nothing more, nothing less. (100 - 149 points)
  • You and your (name of Pokémon) have the potential to make a great team! (150 - 199 points)
  • You seem to like (Pokémon's name) a lot. You are sure to spend every free minute together! (200 - 249 points)
  • It's incredibly trusting! Your mere presence makes it happy! (250 - 255 points)

In addition, in the 7th generation it is possible to check the affection at any time via the Pokémon Resort. To do this, the Pokémon to be checked must be on the spa island and simply tap on it. Poppy then makes a comment that can be used to infer the affection of the respective Pokémon.

  • (Name of Pokémon) seems to be enjoying it on Spa Island! (0 - 99 points)
  • (Name of the Pokémon) looks pretty relaxed! (100 - 199 points)
  • (Name of the Pokémon) looks very relaxed! (200 - 254 points)
  • (Name of Pokémon) is deeply relaxed mentally and physically. It couldn't be more relaxed! (255 points)

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, you can have the affection checked in Meadow Corridor (westernmost house).

  • Your Pokémon hates you. It's not exactly comfortable for you, is it? (0 points)
  • It fluctuates in his feelings. It has a scary malice in its eyes. It doesn't like you (1 - 49 points)
  • It hasn't got used to you yet. It is neutral towards you. (50 - 99 points)
  • It is slowly getting used to you. It believes in you. (100 - 149 points)
  • It likes you It just wants a little more attention. (150 - 199 points)
  • It looks very happy. It really likes you very much. (200 - 249 points)
  • It loves you more than anything. It couldn't love you more. If I look at you like that, I'll be very happy too. (250 - 255 points)

X and Y

In Pokémon X and Y, you can check your affection in the Pokémon Fan Club in Romantia City.

  • Well so what? Are you just being mean to your Pokémon or are you relying on the effectiveness of its Frustration attack? (0 points)
  • Say, can it be that all of your Pokémon battles are knocked out? go? (1-49 points)
  • Well ... the ice has yet to be broken, right? (50-99 points)
  • Yes, I see a certain confidence there! That's a start. (100-149 points)
  • You and your "POKEMONNAME", you could certainly understand each other better! (150-199 points)
  • You really love your "POKEMONNAME" and don't leave his side, do you? (200-249 points)
  • How it hugs you! It must be really comfortable with you. (250-255 points)

Black (2) and White (2)

The best way to test affection in black (2) and white (2) is in Nevaio City, with a girl in the Pokémon fan club. In Septerna City there is also a girl who can do this, but not so precisely. There are the following sayings:

  • Can I ask you something? Are you a very strict trainer? Your Pokémon doesn't like you at all ... (0 points)
  • You don't have to be a psychologist to see that it doesn't like you that much! (1-49 points)
  • Well, there isn't much to say about that ... your relationship is ... average. (50-99 points)
  • It seems to like you ... At least that's the impression I have. (100-149 points)
  • It likes you and is happy to be by your side! (150-199 points)
  • It really likes you! You seem like a nice trainer! (200-254 points)
  • It really loves you very much! I'm going to be green with envy! (255 points)

Diamond and pearl

In Diamant und Perl you will find the woman who will tell you how much your Pokémon likes you in the house of the Pokémon fan club in Herzhofen. In this edition, too, the sayings are slightly modified.

  • Oh dear ... this Pokémon is having a lot of trouble with you. (0 points)
  • Hmm ... it doesn't like you that much. (1-49 points)
  • It's pretty neutral towards you. It's up to you to change that. (50-99 points)
  • It gets used to you. At least that's my impression. (100-149 points)
  • It likes you I am sure it will be with you. (150-199 points)
  • It really likes you very much. You're treating it extremely well. (200-249 points)
  • It loves you more than anything! I'm almost annoying! (250-255 points)

Fire red and leaf green

In fire red and leaf green, your rival's sister in Alabastia tells you how much a Pokémon likes you. However, she uses slightly different proverbs:

  • ... uh, I don't know how to put it, but ... Is there a reason your POKéMON hates you so profoundly? (0 points)
  • NAME, I don't like the way it looks at you! You should treat him a little more lovingly! (1 - 49 points)
  • It doesn't know you well yet! Pokémon are skeptical at first if you catch them! (50 - 99 points)
  • It is approaching you! Your mutual trust has to get even better! (100 - 149 points)
  • It is a good friend of yours! Keep treating it well! (150 - 199 points)
  • It is very happy! I wish RIVALE could see that and learn something from it. (200 - 249 points)
  • It loves you more than anything! That’s so wonderful and great! Your Pokémon couldn't be happier! (250 - 255 points)

Ruby, sapphire, emerald

In ruby, sapphire and emerald you have to go to Wiesenflur. In one of the houses, a woman tells you how much a Pokémon likes you.

  • Your Pokémon hates you. It's not exactly comfortable for you, is it? (0 points)
  • It fluctuates in his feelings. It has a scary malice in its eyes. It doesn't like you (1 - 49 points)
  • It hasn't got used to you yet. It neither loves you nor hates you. (50 - 99 points)
  • It is slowly getting used to you. It believes in you. (100 - 149 points)
  • It likes you It wants to be pampered by you. (150 - 199 points)
  • It seems very happy. It really likes you very much. (200 - 249 points)
  • It loves you more than anything. It couldn't love you more. Seeing that makes me happy. (250 - 255 points)

Gold, silver, crystal

In gold, silver and crystal you have to go to Dukatia City. In one of the houses (east), a woman tells you how much a Pokémon likes you.

  • It doesn't seem to like you at all. It looks mean and angry. (0 points)
  • You'd better treat it. It hasn't got used to you yet. (1 - 49 points)
  • It is very sweet. (50 - 99 points)
  • It is very kind to you. It must be happy. (100 - 149 points)
  • I got the impression that it really trusts you. (150 - 199 points)
  • It looks very happy! It must love you very much. (200 - 249 points)
  • A cuddly Pokémon, I'm almost annoying. (250 - 255 points)