Who happily sang together in a Coke advertisement

Treysa. In the end, it wasn't just Dorothea Grebe who beamed - relieved and happy at the same time, about a successful Advent concert in the town church of Treysa, put together and brought together by the Hephata cantor.

For those who still felt bare inside like a branch of Barbara before the buds burst, the festive music offered a good opportunity to open up to the good news.

Soloists supported

“Make the gates wide”, sang the 24 singers, supported by the soloists Anna Palupski (soprano) and Thomas Wiegand (bass), the Ensemble accompagnato Kassel under the direction of Susanne Herrmann, Judith Gerdes on oboe and Thomas Klein on Positive of the city church organ.

The Telemann cantata for four-part choir and orchestra with its lively opening choir and intimate arias, recitatives and chorales is one of the most frequently performed works by Georg Friedrich Telemann (1681-1767) and filled the town church with a festive sound. So beautiful that the opening chorale sounded as an encore after the one-hour concert program - even more impressive, happier and more detached than at the beginning, relieved of all initial tension.

The festive Advent concert was characterized by the musical performance of the individual performers and the harmonious interplay. This cannot be taken for granted, as there are hardly any opportunities to practice making music together.

It is all the more important to have a confident conducting in order to bring choir, strings and soloists together, which Dorothea Grebe succeeded in doing. She had been rehearsing the Advent program with the choir since August and had broken new ground with the selection of the pieces, such as the cantata "In cordis iubilo" by the contemporary Italian composer Enrico Vercesi, which is unknown in this country. It sounded so conventional with its impressive “Hallelujah” that it fitted in well with the program after the Baroque pieces by Telemann and Bach, the Concerto in D minor for solo oboe, solo violin, strings and organ (BWV 1060) .

Musical variety was again offered by the sonorous instrumental piece "Grand Choeur - Sortie pour Noel" by the French composer Ce’sar Franck (1822-1890), a Christmas carol in which the organ and strings entered into an impressive dialogue.

“My soul doth magnify the Lord”, sang the choir accompanied by Thomas Klein on the organ at the end of the impressive Advent concert.

The Magnificat by the Irish composer Charles Villiers Stanford, which set the words of the pregnant Mary to Elizabeth, is one of the evening prayers sung by the Anglican Church and animated the almost 80 visitors to strong applause.

From Kerstin Diehl