Man menstruating on flag

 1955 A man forgets love

 1954 A great day
Dr. Bartholo

 1954 The big star parade
Broadcasting Director

 1954 Lowlands
Camillo, manager of Don Sebastian

 1953 The Man Between
Halendar (as Aribert Waescher)

 1951 When the evening bells ring

 1951 It doesn't work without Gisela
Mertens, financier

 1951 Stips
Wilhelm Tobias, school director

 1951 Eva in tails
Agent Emmermann

 1949 Nile nights
Director of the gigantic film company

 1949 The cuckoo
Eberhard Schultz

 1948 The Berliner
Anton Zeithammer

 1948 The Adventures of Fridolin
The police superintendent

 1948 Thank you I'm fine
Rental candidate

 1947 King of Hearts

 1946 Say the truth
Professor Kiekebusch - his neurologist

 1945 Shiva and the gallows flower
Ernst von der Haardt

 1945 The hereditary forester
Director Borgmann

 1945 Gentlemen sons

 1944 The man whose name was stolen
Police commissioner

 1944 Young Eagles
Mr. Zacharias

 1944 Mr. Sanders lives dangerously
Kockelkorn, jeweler

 1944 The magic violin
Archive Councilor Mittenzwey

 1942 Make love to me
Director of the Revue Theater

 1942 Attack on Baku
Mamulian, Armenian oil master in Baku

 1942 Rembrandt
Saskia's relative Ujlenburgh

 1941 The other me

 1941 Women Are Better Diplomats
The Landgrave

 1941 Jakko

 1941 The Swedish nightingale
Peer Upan

 1940 Falstaff in Vienna
Theater director Pietro Balocchino

 1940 Clothes make the man
Specialty goods dealer Nievergelt

 1940 The way to Isabel

 1939 Alarm on ward III
Mister Fields, detective commissioner from America

 1939 The uncanny desires
Vignon, slide

 1939 It Was a Gay Ballnight
Michael Ivanovich Murakin

 1939 E 417 saloon car
Paule Kuhlemann

 1939 New Year's Eve at Alexanderplatz

 1939 Bel Ami
Newspaper publisher Walter

 1939 The Green Emperor
Banker Vandermer

 1939 Jokers

 1938 Capriccio

 1938 Murder thing Holm
Torben Jönssen, traveler

 1938 The small and the big love
A guest in the café

 1938 Major alarm

 1937 Rooster in the basket
Mr. Whiteman, sugar tycoon

 1937 Diamonds
Servant Wells

 1937 The Yellow Flag
Ramón Orveda - Commander Quarantine Station

 1937 My Son the Minister

 1937 Madame Bovary
Charles Bovary

1937 / I Giovanni de Medici: The Leader

 1936 Under hot skies

 1936 Thunder, lightning and sunshine
Georg Sonnweber, dance teacher

 1936 City of Anatol
Melon dealer

 1936 Stronger Than Paragraphs
Banker Loerik

 1936 The beauty spot (Short)
Court Marshal

 1936 Three Girls Around Schubert
Publisher Artaria

 1936 A strange guest

 1936 Savoy Hotel 217
Pavel Pavlovitch

 1936 Donogoo Tonka

 1935 The Higher Command
Attorney Menecke

 1935 Hangmen, Women and Soldiers
Director General Brosuleit

 1935 Lady Windermeres Fan

 1935 Stradivarius

 1935 Liselotte of the Palatinate
Chevalier de la Lorraine