Which is better 50i or 50p coin

What's the difference between 50p and 50i

hello mrbuchsteiner,

The difference is as follows: The i = interlaced stands for fields, the p = progressive stands for full screen.

This means 50p are therefore 50 real full images per second, which of course results in a higher quality, but also increases the data rate, i.e. the amount of image information that has to be saved. Is beneficial 50p especially for fast moving recordings and also if you want to save individual images from a video.

50i means that the individual images per second are made up of 2 fields, i.e. at 1080 / 50i = 50 images with 540 lines per second. In comparison, that would be at 1080 / 50p = 50 images with 1080 lines per second.

Sometimes, such as with my Canon Legria HF46, internally with 50i calculated even though I have set 25P, for example. This increases the compatibility with the PAL standard.

Conclusion: If the money is enough, I would 50p advise, with a new acquisition, for example, whereby this is of course only one aspect of several that must be taken into account.

Hope I could help you with that. Kind greeting :-)