How to Pop a Balloon Softly

Prevent the balloon from bursting - this is how it works

Balloons that don't burst - that amazes children and adults alike. The trick of this demonstration is extremely simple. Follow the instructions.

What you need:

  • Balloons
  • clear tape
  • Pins

Balloons without a bang - so they don't burst

With this trick, there is not the expected bang, because it does not occur: The pierced balloons do not burst, at least not all of them, because there can be a bit of loud slapstick. Preparation and demonstration are really easy.

  1. Prepare a few balloons, after all, you don't want to perform the trick on a single balloon and also run the risk that then of all things the trick will not work.
  2. Inflate the balloons tightly and tie a knot in the mouth connection.
  3. Then cut a piece of tape about 2 cm long for each balloon that you don't want to burst.
  4. Stick the tape just below the top of the balloon and make a note of the spot.
  5. Carefully smooth the tape on the balloon so that it is not visible to the audience.
  6. The remaining balloons remain - keyword: it pops - without further preparation.
  7. Then lift one of the prepared balloons in front of the audience and show it to the audience in detail, but of course not too close.
  8. Now stick a pin through the adhesive tape (!) Into the balloon.
  9. The audience twitches, but the balloon doesn't think about bursting.
  10. Pull the needle out again and let the balloon disappear under the table or in a box so that nobody can find out about you.
  11. If you grab balloons from your prepared set at random, it pops sometimes and sometimes not - a really amazing effect. And: You can even predict when it will pop!

The explanation of the trick: When inflating, the rubber skin of the balloon is stretched considerably. If you stick a needle in it, you create a tear in the rubber that spreads very quickly due to the escaping air, which was previously under pressure. In any case, the eye cannot follow this and you can only hear how all the air escapes in a flash with a bang. The adhesive tape prevents this tear from spreading, so the balloon will not burst (or only very rarely). However, over time it will also deflate and become small and wrinkled. Therefore, it should be made to disappear quickly.

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