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Second 055-class destroyer put into service

The Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy recently commissioned its second large 10,000-ton 055 destroyer. The first destroyer of this class was handed over to the Navy at the beginning of last year. This was reported by the Chinese state television CCTV on Sunday.

According to analysts, the handover of the 055-class guided missile destroyer, which is considered to be one of the most powerful warships in the world, is a sign of the change in the strategy of the Chinese Navy, which will be achieved through this large ship, sovereignty and territorial integrity and better protect China's development interests.

The 055-class destroyer named after "Lhasa", the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China, was shown to the public at a naval base in Qingdao, east China's Shandong Province, according to the television report.

The "Lhasa" is the second destroyer of the 055 class to be put into service by the Chinese Navy. The first, named “Nanchang”, has the ship number (HIN) 101 and was handed over to the Navy on January 12, 2020, also in Qingdao.

Made by Passion News, a media channel based on, which is operated by the Communist Youth League, it appears that the "Lhasa" carries the ship number 102. Interior shots of the ship were also shown, showing Zheng Weiguo, the deputy mayor of Lhasa, visiting the ship on Tuesday.

Since the "Lhasa" has been presented to the public in Qingdao, it seems likely that the warship will be placed under the Naval Command North, the Shanghai news website reported on Sunday

Marine expert Li Jie told the Global Timesthat the 055 class was designed to accompany aircraft carriers and act as powerful escort boats. However, you could also independently lead combat units without an aircraft carrier and carry out various types of missions.


China currently has two aircraft carriers, the "Liaoning" and the "Shandong", and a third aircraft carrier is currently under construction. Analysts assume that further ships of the 055 class will therefore be necessary for the formation of combat units.

According to the report, China had built eight 055-class destroyers by the end of 2020, the first being laid down on June 28, 2017.

The remaining six 055-class destroyers are currently being equipped or are already in the testing phase at sea. Analysts assume that these ships will be put into service within the next one to two years.

With a displacement of more than 12,000 tons, ships of the 055-class guided missile destroyers are around 180 meters long, 22 meters wide and have 112 launchers for missiles against air, land and ship targets, as well as against submarines. In addition, according to, the ship has strong reconnaissance capabilities.