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Blaze Bayley: "Iron Maiden Waged War On Grunge"

He wasn't with Iron Maiden for long, but accompanied the band through a volatile phase: In a new interview, singer Blaze Bayley recalls the difficult state of heavy metal at the height of grunge.

by Björn Springorum

From 1994 to 1999 Blaze Bayley sang with Iron Maiden. It is certainly not up to him that the two studio albums from this time The X Factor (1995) and Virtual XI (1998), sell significantly worse than their predecessors Fear Of The Dark or No Prayer For The Dying. Rather, it's because classic heavy metal is increasingly out of fashion from the nineties and is being replaced by grunge and crossover. With the exception of a few exceptions like Metallica, the metal heroes of the eighties see themselves increasingly being marginalized by Nirvana and the like.

That doesn't go down well in metal circles like Blaze Bayley is now with Crowcast told. “When I was with Maiden, we were at war with grunge,” says the singer. “Grunge wanted to kill us. For the British press, these new bands were a kind of savior, they wanted to see Maiden die. And we? We went to the lion's den and played at the grunge wedding in Seattle. "The show was" one of the most terrible "of his entire career. "People looked at us as if we were some kind of dinosaur and you could tell that they thought, 'Why are they still there?" "

"Grunge was just a trend"

Bayley goes even further: “For years we fought for the survival of true heavy metal. And where are all these people now? Metal is forever because it lives in the hearts of the fans. ”That is certainly not wrong. To pillory all other categories, scenes and subcultures is then a bit exaggerated - especially since the influence of Nirvana or Pearl Jam on rock music can be compared with that of Maiden on heavy metal. “Sorry, but grunge was just a trend,” Bayley says. “The best thing about what I do is that it's not a trend at the moment. I've always been out of fashion, that's why I'm still here. "

He can see it that way. But he mustn't forget that people only know him today because of his time at Maiden. After Blaze Bayley got out, they went up steeply again. Nothing can stop Maiden and Bruce Dickinson.

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