Hello how are you hatsune miku chords

Guitar and banjo for beginners

Now want to play, but how?

Where do I get the chords from? How should I hit, which hit patterns?

First find a song with lyrics and chords on the Internet, just think that you are a beginner, so take a song with 3-4 chords and simple beat patterns for example. down - up - down - down. You can often find beat patterns when you write on YouTube - how to play ... e.g. Country Roads. ?

If you have found a song and there is a bar hold there, for example: Chord F or B, which you cannot grasp yet, help yourself to work around these bar grips now. .

For this we need capos and a capo table.

Now you put capos on the e.g. on 2 frets

Your song has e.g. these chords E A f # D and we are now looking for them in the Kapodastre table.

Capo table: at the top it says - without capo - there are all chords without capo, then you have capo = 1 - means the capo comes in 1 fret, capo = 2 - capo comes in 2 frets, etc.

In this table all chords are in major, major. But if you have minor, 7, etc. you search your chord as if it were a major in capo = where you want to play and play in minor, 7, etc. as you need.

Our chords:E. in capo = 2 is nowD. (in blue)

A. in capo = 2 is nowG (in orange)

f # in capo = 2 is nowe (in green)

D. in capo = 2 is nowC. (in red)

Let's assume you want to play in Capo 2 and are now looking for these chords- a (minor) e (minor) D7in capo 2

chord a minor - (table above) - A Major in capo 2 isG Dur (orange) and play nowG minor. Why ? Because you a minor, you now have to play the chord G in minor, i.e. g minor.

At chord e minor: (table above) - E.Major in capo 2 is D. Major (blue) and play now d minor.

chord D7 : (Table above) - D. Major in Capo 2 is C. Major, because you are looking for and need a chord with number 7, you now only have to enter 7 for your C major chord, so you have C7

But if you have problems playing chords in this capo position, for example. new # or barre chords, find this capo position with chords that you can finger.

Use capo

The capo increases the key by a semitone per fret.

Accompany the appropriate pitch

If you want to accompany the lead singer on guitar, you have to adapt your chords to the voice of the singer to play in the appropriate pitch. Instead of converting the chords, just use the capo and attach it to the corresponding fret on the fingerboard.

Grip barre handles more easily

The capo can help you grasp barre handles more easily. Because the capo presses on the strings like your index finger would do when putting them into practice.
But still learn barre grips without grasping the capo.

Fiddle Tune

In bluegrass the guitar very often plays with the violin and fiddle. The fiddle tune scale for violin is in D. Major / Major. For example, if you've learned a song in the C major scale. Fisher’s hornpipe you give capo in 2 frets to play with fiddle. Some Texas fiddlers play in F major, if you want to play you have to give capo in the 5 fret.

Capo table for raising a key

If you have any questions about the capo table, write to me !!

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