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Today I would like to show you how you can get labels from bottles and screw-top jars and how you can get stickers, stickers and price tags from a wide variety of objects made of metal, plastic or other materials.

The tools used for this are dishwasher detergent, oil, a cleaning sponge with a rough top, a copper cloth, a plastic sponge, a paring knife and a microfiber cloth.

  1. Transparent plastic labels can be easily removed if you peel them off very slowly with constant pressure, if possible in one part.
  2. Bottles, come with me without a cap, with a little washing-up liquid, in the hot water bath. Once the water has cooled, most labels can then be removed easily. The stubborn labels, however, need post-treatment and a little more patience. I scrape this off with the paring knife while the label is still damp. If the glue residue is rather dry, I remove it in a water bath with a copper cloth. It is important that this copper cloth is wet, otherwise scratches could occur.
  3. Stubborn labels that even the water bath will not harm can be washed in the dishwasher 2 times. The labels can then be scraped off with the paring knife while they are still wet.
  4. I treat tough adhesive residues with oil. I coat the glass with it and let the oil work overnight. This is also how I treat label residue on plastic boxes or metal containers. The next day, the labels and the adhesive residue are much easier to remove. I then treat objects with more sensitive surfaces with a microfiber cloth soaked in oil. I then clean glue residues on plastic boxes with oil and the plastic sponge. Just wipe it off with kitchen paper and wash as usual.
  5. If possible, I remove price tags on books with a coated, smooth surface in one piece. Here the adhesive residues are also removed with a little oil and the microfiber cloth in circular movements. Then simply wipe with a damp cloth and rub dry.
  6. Adhesive residues from stickers can also be removed very well with the oil method. It is also important to let the oil work overnight. Then remove the glue with the microfiber cloth.
  7. I put screw-top jars and bottles with large openings in the dishwasher. Most of the labels come off. For stubborn labels and adhesive residues, put them in the dishwasher again and then treat with the oil method as shown.

The most effective way to remove the labels is in a water bath and in the dishwasher. Stubborn adhesive residues are best removed with oil.

But also labels and stickers on wood, a door or door frame, the refrigerator or tiles can be easily removed with oil.

In this way I removed the stickers on the children's room door. After half a year, the white spots left by the stickers were also yellowed by the light. Today you can no longer see where exactly they were glued.

So that the labels on the self-filled glasses and containers can be removed more easily in the future, I stick the labels on using transparent adhesive tape or a water-soluble craft glue.

I hope that I have made the household a little easier for you with my tip!

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