Whenever whatever where shakira texts in english

Changing the meaning of a sentence in different tenses

Simple presentI play football every week.football is played every weekPresent progressiveI'm playing football now.now football is playedSimple pastI played football yesterday.Football was played yesterday (so it's over - it is important that a time is included, i.e. when it was)Past progressiveI was playing football the whole evening.Football was played all evening (it's over too, the important thing here is to emphasize the length of the game in the past)Present perfectI have just played football.the football game has just ended (it's over too, the result is important here, I'm done with it, it doesn't matter at all when that was)Present Perfect ProgressiveI have playing football for 2 hours.Football has been played for 2 hours, now it still isPast PerfectI had played football before Susan came.I had already played soccer when Susan came. (Here the two acts are considered as separate acts that follow each other. So I was done playing soccer and I'm glad Susan came after.)Past Perfect ProgressiveI had been playing football for two hours when Susan came.I had already been playing soccer for two hours when Susan arrived. (The emphasis here is on the length of time playing football. I would have been glad if Susan had seen the game, or I want to emphasize that it took a long time to play).will-futureI will / shall play football next week.Football will be played next week (but something can still happen).going to-futureIn thegoing toplay football this afternoon.Football is going to be played this afternoon, that's pretty sure, I have made it up.Future ProgressiveI will / shall be playing football next Sunday.Next Sunday I'll be playing soccer (as usual).Future PerfectI will / shall have played football by tomorrow.I'll have played soccer by tomorrow.Conditional
SimpleI would play football.I would play soccer.Conditional
ProgressiveI would playing football.I would play soccer. This phrase is about considering the action that would take place in the future as a course.Conditional
PerfectI would have played football.I will have played soccer.Conditional
ProgressiveI would havebeenplaying football.I will have played soccer. The point of this sentence is that the action that took place in the future is considered to be a course.