How to receive SMS Skype

After I had already thought (because no one else came up with a tip) that it really wouldn't work to send an SMS with the Galaxy Watch LTE in standalone mode, I addressed the problem again in another thread and there after a month of trial and error get the crucial tip.

Just in case someone else has this problem (this only seems to occur when using the O2-Multi-Sim, at least I haven't read anything like this from other users) I would like to set the solution here that helped me


I did the following

  • Watch reset but the eSim profile not deleted
  • Galaxy Wearable App including Galaxy Watch Plugin, Samsung Accessory Service uninstalled
  • SIM card removed from mobile phone
  • Galaxy Wearable app reinstalled
  • Watch LTE put into operation and linked to the mobile phone via the wearable app

Then I put the SIM card back into the cell phone and sent the cell phone to flight mode as a test and sent a test SMS from the watch (standalone) - which worked.



01/24/2021 - addendum:

Because the moderators like to push queries on the subject of SMS sending / receiving of the LTE variant into this thread and refer to my "solution", the following posts may go under, in which it is discussed that these instructions will be used by most of those affected (e.g. at me) only leads to short-term success.

If you operate a Samsung mobile phone and Galaxy LTE watch with a multi-SIM from O2 (I cannot assess multiple SIMs from other providers or the use of a non-Samsung mobile phone) then this solution only works until you have a Update installed or you make a phone call on your mobile phone or receive or write an SMS or ... That means, if you are unlucky, everything will be the same again the next day.

This error should be well known to Samsung by now, it has already been reported many times but has still not been resolved (at least not for me and we will probably stay that way, because both the Note 9 and the Galaxy Watch are now obsolete for Samsung and can no longer be updated to the new version 😭) However, that does not prevent the moderators from repeatedly referring to my (unfortunately not permanently functioning) solution, which I wrote down here in the exuberance of feelings without making sure that the whole thing also works one week later it still works 🙄

And once again for clarification (has also been written many times, but seems to be not clear to many):

Each Sim of the O2-Multi-Sim can send SMS / MMS (if the technology supports it) - you only have to set which Sim should receive SMS and MMS. But that should be the case with every provider, because this behavior is a general specification for SMS.