5x platinum means something

What platinum is used for

When most people think of platinum as jewelry, it is not just used to make jewelry. The precious metal is often required for other purposes. In medicine, for example, it is nowadays impossible to imagine the manufacture of dental implants and pacemakers without them. As a coating for the turbines in aircraft construction, one can no longer do without it. Platinum is used as a contact material for a vehicle's spark plugs, and the metal is also of great importance in our innovative laser printers. However, platinum is also used as a means of payment and of course as an investment. The Paltinum Canadian Mapel Leaf and the American Platinum Eagle are two of the investment coins that are still minted and issued today. Russia also issued a platinum coin, the platinum ruble, between 1828 and 1846. So if you own one, then it is worth much more due to its platinum content and its rarity. But the largest area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication is and remains the jewelry industry. Platinum is corrosion-resistant and easy to forge, which is why this precious metal is often used for high-quality jewelry creations.

Other uses of platinum and platinum in medicines

Even if writing e-mails is common today in the computer age, there are still occasions when a handwritten letter or card is something special and this document can then be created with a platinum pen. Platinum is around 60 times more expensive than silver, but the piece of jewelery will last at least a lifetime and will not lose its value, on the contrary, it can even be expected that it will increase.

In addition to all these mechanically and technically justified things, platinum is also used in cancer therapy, so some drugs for combating cancer contain traces of platinum or platinum compounds.