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Looking for a song that you heard along the way? Can you still remember a few passages of the lyrics? Then you are at the right place here on Liedsuche.ch!

Our search engine searches over 300 pages of lyrics for the song you are looking for. If you can't find what you are looking for, you can also ask our active forum.

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Simply enter pieces of text from the song and click "search" ...

Just enter the pieces of text you remember and click search.

How do I use the song search - how do I search for songs?

The only thing you have to do: Enter the corresponding text fragments that you can remember in the search mask and click on "search". The more text you can remember, the better for our search engine. Song Search Search over 300 pages of lyrics for you with one click. After the search is complete, your favorite song will be presented to you.

Nothing found? You can also find help here!

Visit our forum and count on the help of the community. You can ask your question directly. You will also find a few tips on how you could find your song in other ways.

What is song search?

It has probably already happened to you that you were in a bar or in the car when you heard a great catchy tune. You can remember some fragments of the song (e.g. parts of the chorus), but you did not notice the artist and the song title. This is exactly where Liedsuche.ch comes in. If you're looking for a song, you've come to the right place. In addition to a great search engine, there are also tips on how to find your song.

Hundreds of users visit our search engine every day. In various comments and messages, users discuss with each other and search for their favorite music. We are pleased that we can create such a great benefit for you with Liedsuche.ch. Thank you for visiting and using our lyrics search engine!

Nobody knows my song - where else can I look?

There are other ways you can find your song. Here are two suggestions:

Sum the Song - Midomi.com

As incredible as it sounds, but you can hum the song you're looking for on the Midomi.com website. To do this, simply activate the microphone and hum the melody of the song you are looking for into the microphone for as long as possible (ideally 10 seconds).

Incredible, but it works. Even if it doesn't always work out, it's amazing what suggestions Midomi makes.

Link: Midomi.com

Browse radio playlists

If you still know which station the song was played on and you can narrow down the time, you can look online in the playlist of many radio stations. You can find the playlists of the most popular radio stations here:

Leave a comment - the community can surely help you! Every day, various inquiries are answered here by the hard-working community helpers.