BMW M30 engine hesitates when accelerating

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A beautiful good evening,

came across this forum while looking for first aid. I also searched everything as far as possible, but somehow the other jerking threads do not apply to my bowl.

Information about the car:
E46 Compact, 318ti, built in 2002, in my possession since January of this year

When I give full throttle in the lower / middle speed range, so APPROXIMATELY (I'm not a measuring robot) between 1500 and 4000 rpm, I feel something that I would define as "jerking". It's not a strong jerk that shakes the whole car, it's more like the car stops accelerating for a split second and then accelerates again properly. So quasi an "unclean" / not constant acceleration.
This is particularly noticeable when the air conditioning is switched on, but also without being clearly felt. Regardless of the fuel quality, from regular petrol to Super Plus, I tried everything three full tanks (i.e. mostly single-origin fuel in the tank for the third tank filling).

Now that's not an excessive drama, but since I generally upshift early (average consumption 6.9 to 7.2 liters / 100 km) it just annoys me. If I have warmed up the engine properly and really slow it down, I do not notice any of these "dropouts", but I would say that they are overall so inconspicuous that you simply do not notice them anymore with the given performance.

Anyone have any idea what that could be?

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Now I have forgotten the friendly greeting at the end. Tzz tzz tzz ... I'm just not enough on forums anymore. So, hereby I make up for this:


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I have the same problem just wanted to open a new thread!
The jerking can be compared to the jerking when you accelerate with the cruise control using the buttons

For information:
E46 318i Limo (same engine) manufactured in 2002

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For me, if I drive off with too little gas, a little more gas and it's gone

but my car doesn't shake

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As with me. Well colleg just replace the spark plug connector. 7 € per piece is not much and you have to renew it anyway. For me it definitely helped and then replaced the spark plugs.
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was at the friendly, error memory was read out and nothing was found ....
When it's warm it's gone, I don't mind
drive away from the traffic light with a little more gas anyway
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Hi Aki_Muc

the problem you were referring to has nothing to do with ours, that jerks when you start with too little gas, everyone knows, but sometimes I feel a slight jerk when I drive in my 70s and accelerate slightly ....
may be that he choked a buddy, had a problem with the fuel supply ....

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Yes tach too,

again briefly report. It's stupid that I'm not an isolated case, but somehow reassuring * g * Today I went to the workshop manager I trust and made an appointment to read errors tomorrow afternoon. Let's see what's going on.

donphillip is right, by the way, the jerking when you are too timid when you engage the throttle is nothing unusual. From the VW Polo to Ford Escort, Wolf (the military version of the Mercedes G) to various trucks, I was able to reproduce that at any time. The jerking that we both mean occurs spontaneously when accelerating through.

So, I'll keep reporting when there's something new. By the way - anyone who has ever had this problem is welcome to get in touch, even if he is the umpteenth to report it. Then I can tell the workshop foreman I trust how others have solved the problem or what has not helped. Thank-you!

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Yes, there will be a problem with the fuel supply, I also looked up that in the TIS ...
I'll go to the friend tomorrow and let it be checked.

Thanks to Aki_Muc :-)
Tomorrow I will report immediately what came out and whether it is really due to the fuel supply ...

So your problem sounds like one of the camshaft sensors is defective. It was also noticeable for me. There is an inlet sensor and an outlet sensor. First one sensor was defective, then the other.

love Alex
real? Did you also have very weak dropouts? As a note, my girlfriend doesn't even notice these dropouts (at least she says)
I would have thought that it would have a stronger effect if one of the sensors was screwed, and that would actually be in the error memory, or am I wrong?
I only ever felt the dropouts from 80-90 km / h but really hardly any. The error should be recognized immediately. But there are several variants to read out such an error. My car stood there for an hour and the engine or the program simulated a day's drive.
I have the problem with the jerking too.
It is best noticeable in 1st or 2nd gear, where it is more geared towards power.
If you only accelerate slightly, you can feel as if he no longer accepts the gas.
I can already imagine the fuel supply, as my :) said that the pressure regulators often come in and don't quite reach the setpoints.
Can it all be related to increased oil consumption?
For some it is a motorway, for others the longest parking lot in the world !!
Shark again to everyone

was really exciting. Reading out error memory was unsuccessful. Since the air flow meter is not connected to the onboard diagnostics, the foreman guessed it. Unplugged and then turned a lap - the jerking was gone. Then the question of what does a new LMM cost. Part price 275 € plus VAT. With wages that would probably come to € 400.

Since the LMM actually still works - apart from the small jerks, no complaints, especially no excessive consumption or loss of performance - I save the money for now. I'm actually quite relieved, originally feared some problems with the fuel supply, defective lambda probe or defective cam or crankshaft sensors. Tomorrow afternoon I'll stop by the BMW dealer where I bought the bowl and ask if something can be done under guarantee or goodwill. But somehow I have little hope ...

donphillip, I will keep my fingers crossed for you that there is nothing tragic about you. Keep us posted!

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I have the same problem with my 316ti e46.

mine somehow uses a lot, at a maximum of 2000 tours 70% autobahn according to BC 9,5l

is not normal
have the 17 "205 on it
Hi @ all

So this morning I went straight to the :-) and described my problem to the workshop, and without hesitation he said that it could be due to the LMM, so the same game as with Jens, the foreman staked him out and drove a lap and away that's it.
Since I only bought the car there three weeks ago, it was a goodwill gesture and that without having to argue with them ;-).

Regarding the price, I can only say that the master told me that I would have to pay about 350 €.

I hope for you Jens that they do it with you as a goodwill gesture.

would have been even nicer ^^
If you have EURO PLUS then you don't have to pay a cent ...

anos otherwise LMM buy, install yourself, FL model does not need to code
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Good Morning,

Yes, very nice! Let's see if my :-) is also so cooperative. Aki_Muc, what is a "FL model"?
So now let's go to work, the laboratory is waiting ...

Fear makes you hesitate - but hesitation makes your worst fears come true!
FL = Facelift, so the lifted version. :-)
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