How is holy Chrismaoel made

I know one from grandfather Porphyrius Elvis.
I found the place in the book:

"I will tell you how God once visited me, worthless, so that you may see the grace inherent in the mysteries.
A small lump had formed on my back that hurt me tremendously for a long time. It was very small, like the head of a pin. But the pain spread over a large area of ​​the left side of the back. It was unbearable. One day we performed the sacrament of the anointing of the sick in Milesi's kellion. Since I was in severe pain, they made the sign of the cross on the painful area with the sacred oil, and the pain immediately disappeared. This visit from God made me so happy that I said to everyone who came:
- Take from that consecration oil, and wherever you are in pain, put some of the oil on it.
Forgive me if I say it, but it is in praise of God. "

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"Holy, holy, holy, terrible and great, high (exalted),
admirable and glorified is the Lord in the eons of
Eons! "