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"... A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist ..."

"Knight Rider" was the over-TV series in the 80s. A talking car, a black truck and a cool actor - as a child you were always fascinated by the whole Knight Rider structure. The series ended in 1986 after four seasons. In 1991 a relatively average TV movie followed - "Knight Rider 2000" - and as if that weren't enough, a new series followed in 1997 - "Team Knight Rider", which then totally buried the dog. Leading actor David Hasselhoff has been trying to get his character Michael Knight back onto the screen for years. "Super Knight Rider 3000" was the production title for a long time, but it disappeared from the Internet about two years ago. The rumor of a new series made the rounds. Lo and behold, it came true ...


Dr. Charles Graiman's property is raided by gangsters trying to steal his hard drives. His latest project, the Knight Industries Three Thousand, escapes and goes in search of Graiman's daughter to protect her from now on. The two then go together to find Mike Tracer, Michael Knight's son, whom Graiman has chosen to drive the new car - without him knowing about it ...

The series was panned during the creation. Knight nostalgics couldn't come to terms with the fact that the beloved K.I.T.T. is now in the chassis of a new Ford Shelby GT 500 Super Snake. Others complained that only Michael Knight (Hasselhoff) was the driver for K.I.T.T. can come into question. I can understand these critics well - I was one of them myself. However, a few days ago I was able to enjoy the new pilot film (plus the first regular episode) - and afterwards I am in a mood between positively surprised and enthusiastic.

This film doesn’t top the almost epic pilot film of the original series, that must and may be said. The team Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. staged back then. However, the new age of Knight Rider starts well. The allusions to the old K.I.T.T. the first 5 minutes were already wonderful. The California Knight license plate is lying around somewhere, K.I.T.T.'s old steering wheel, and if you look you will see a jacked up Knight 2000 standing in the garage - my heart was already jumping faster here. And when the bad guys discovered the new Knight 3000, flashed the red scanner and drove away at full throttle and amazed a truck driver with his speed on the highway, Knight Rider was definitely back on the screens. Was "Knight Rider 2000" still a lame film, which at most was rated "barely not enough" (red KITT = bäääh), and was "Team Knight Rider" a cheap kiddie version with five vehicles, almost none of which are really convincing could (well, I liked Beast) and with abstruse stories, this pilot film was much more convincing in the first few minutes before the title topic.

The theme music - another Knight Riderian sanctuary. It's nice that you appreciate the original theme, not as nice as it sounds in the pilot film. However, this has already been changed (as it seems to me) in the first regular episode and looks appealing - but is far behind the original sound.

An absolute highlight of the new series is Val Kilmer. Unfortunately, he doesn't play along himself, but he lends the new K.I.T.T. his voice. And this looks absolutely K.I.T.T.-worthy. Even the humor of the old K.I.T.T. always flashes out. Accordingly, the new driver, the replacement yard, would have to appear. Unfortunately, it has to be said, Justin Bruening remains quite pale in the pilot. Only towards the end does he accelerate a little. However, already in the first series episode he seems much safer and gives the Mike Tracer a real profile. It was a good deal to get Sidney Poitier (the daughter of the father of the same name) on board. She is still known as Jungle Julia from Tarantino's "Death Proof". Susan Gibney plays Mama Tracer - and the good girl has gotten a few years older since her appearances in "Star Trek: The Next Generation". It's a shame that the script won't give her the opportunity to further integrate her into the story. Bruce Davison plays Dr. Graiman - and unfortunately looks like a Devon Miles in the light version. However, this is the first impression. Let's see what will come next. Sarah Graiman is played by the lovely looking Deanna Russo. And, finally, David Hasselhoff is also making his comeback as Michael Knight. Unfortunately for far too short and with very clear signs of the times and alcohol consumption written on his face, he meets his son Mike for the first time at the grave of his ex-flame. Hopefully Michael and K.I.T.T. will make their real comeback together in this series. We will see ...

The story in and of itself is fast-paced and peppered with many allusions to the 80s series. However, unfortunately typical for many pilot films, the main purpose of the story is to introduce the characters and to introduce the new toy K.I.T.T. to give the opportunity to let the pig out. This even works quite well. The series has drive, action and even a fair amount of violence. Nothing more with the clean 80s time. This is where people die.

I would be delighted if the series continued to refer to the original. In other words: appearances by Bonnie, R.C and also K.A.R.R. would be desirable. And should "The Hoff" get behind the wheel of K.I.T.T. clamp, it would also be worth taking a closer look this time.

Conclusion: "Knight Rider" 2008 version got off to a good start with this pilot film, which is clearly overshadowed by the pilot of the old series. PUTTY. looks cool, Bruening is getting better and there is often a Knight Rider feeling. The event knows how to please, and so I hope that the series will get more than just a season. Don't Hassel The Hoff !!!

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