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Shavari is a Khajiit spy for the Thalmor who has been assigned to kill the Dragonborn. She is typically encountered while exiting the Ratway with Esbern, during the quest "A Cornered Rat."

Shavari may be seen skulking about, watching but keeping her distance at all times, making an effort to keep the Dragonborn in sight. She will try to ambush them in the Ragged Flagon or elsewhere in Riften.

Interactions [edit | edit source]

A cornered council [edit | edit source]

Shavari meets the Dragonborn near the entrance to the Ratway, upon exiting with Esbern, after they have left the Warrens. She attacks them after variant dialogue in reference to her affiliation with the Thalmor, and will then use her dagger in her attempt to assassinate the Dragonborn.

Once she has been defeated, a note may be looted from her body. It says that the assassination of the Dragonborn was a high priority, but given that there were Thalmor present in the sewers searching for Esbern, that she was a last resort.

Equipment [edit | edit source]

Quotes [edit | edit source]

  • "Pff. Go away, if you know what's good for you." - When spoken to
  • "And now you pay for meddling in the Thalmor's affairs."
  • "Esbern cannot elude us, fool."
  • "The Thalmor's memory is long."

Trivia [edit | edit source]

  • Shavari may not appear at all if Riften has been discovered before the start of "A Cornered Rat."confirmation needed
  • If the Dragonborn has not yet gained membership to the Thieves Guild, Shavari makes succeeding in the required quest difficult, as she watches them during the attempt to steal Madesi's silver ring and plant it on Brand-Shei. However, successfully completing the quest or joining the guild is unnecessary, as Brynjolf will still appreciate the effort after having paid the bounty.
  • If she catches any attempt to pickpocket her, she will become hostile; killing her will not be considered a crime.
  • If the Dragonborn is accompanied by Esbern, he will attack her and it will not be considered a crime.
  • Shavari will only be hostile when not in the public eye. If left alive when she ambushes the Dragonborn in the Ratway, she will not be hostile towards them when they re-enter Riften, but will continue to follow them throughout the town. When re-entering the Ratway, she will resume being hostile with the same amount of health left.
  • Since Shavari is not part of any Khajiit Caravans or a bandit, she is allowed into the city. She is one of few Khajiit in Skyrim that are allowed to enter cities unchallenged. However, Shavari can only be found in Riften.

Appearances [edit | edit source]