Araimo grow what is

Hair doesn't grow

Normal hair growth

Women who want long or longer hair know that it doesn't work overnight. Because the speed of hair growth is natural, i. H. genetically determined. Hair grows an average of 0.3 mm per day, i.e. about 1 cm per month and 10 to 12 cm per year. It takes about 3 years to go from a short hairstyle - the hair is between 5 and 10 cm long - back to 30 to 40 cm long hair.

Slow hair growth

If the hair grows more slowly than genetically intended - i.e. less than 1 cm per month - the desire to get "long hair" and to try out new hairstyles, e.g. braided hair, becomes quite a test of patience. In general, with slowed hair growth, it can be assumed that the cell metabolism of the hair is disturbed, sometimes even blocked; some causes:

Unbalanced diet

In order to grow well, our hair needs building materials such as proteins, which are converted into hair keratin, or carbohydrates, which provide energy for cell metabolism. Trace elements such as iron should also not be missing. Without iron, specifically ferretin, the aerobic energy metabolism in the hair follicles is disrupted, as insufficient oxygen for cell division and cell growth can no longer reach the hair roots.

Irritated scalp

Since our hair follicles are firmly anchored in the scalp, microinflammations of the scalp can easily jump to the hair matrix, the highly sensitive hair formation zone. Last but not least, it is stress messengers that trigger inflammatory processes in the hair roots. These not only slow down hair growth, but also cause hair loss as a result of the organism's immune response.

Free radicals

Oxygen radicals, which arise as a by-product of metabolism, lead to aging processes in the hair follicles due to oxidative stress. The speed of hair growth, specifically the division of the hair cells, slows down. It is therefore important to regularly detoxify these hair regeneration inhibiting radicals and thus to strengthen the hair roots over the long term.