How to control the stepper motor angle

How to control fischertechnik models with a Wii Nunchuk.

Once you have caught the fischertechnik fever, the daddel boxes will soon end up in the corner unnoticed. But wait - you don't have to write off the investment that quickly - at least not if you own a Wii Nunchuk.

The additional "joystick" of the game console communicates with the Wii via the I2C protocol. How practical: the fischertechnik TX controller also understands the protocol. This allows the Nunchuk to be used as a remote control - with numerous control functions: a joystick, two buttons and an integrated 3D acceleration sensor.

In addition to the Nunchuk (a replica can even be purchased wirelessly for approx. € 10 - a third of the amount you have to put down for a "bare" I2C acceleration sensor and a sixth of the list price of the fischertechnik remote control) you need a small adapter board (so you don't have to cut off the proprietary plug), available for example from Watterott electronic for approx. € 1.50. There is a driver for the fischertechnik programming environment Robo Pro that takes over the evaluation of the nunchuk. A detailed description of the control can be found in c’t hardware hacks 1/2013 (p. 64-69), and a brief instruction with a sample program in ft: pedia 2/2013 (p. 41-49).

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