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British Stars: Sir or Lady: ennobled by the Queen

British Stars: Sir or Lady: ennobled by the Queen

Düsseldorf (RPO). Prominent and ennobled: Elton John wears it. Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Paul McCartney too - what is meant is the nobility designation "Sir". Noble is really only someone who is born into the elitist circle. But the British Queen's knighthood also opened up a social status elevation.

The bestowal of land, money, titles and medals is an old royal custom with which the respective monarchs tied their followers to themselves. Even today, only the Queen has the right to bestow titles and peers. But what does that actually mean?

The honorary title "Sir" comes from the French and means "feudal lord". This title does not have to be inherited. People with special merit can be knighted. If they carry this title of nobility, male dignitaries are entitled "Sir". The knights' wives are addressed as "Lady". If a woman has been ennobled herself, she is a "Lady".

In 2000, Sean Connery was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his services to Scotland. But how do you have to address actors correctly? The title Sir or Dame is placed in front of the name, when salutation is restricted to the first name. Sir Sean Connery is therefore addressed as "Sir Sean" and not as "Sir Connery".