How to Make Paper Zongzi

What is Zongzi, How do you make Zongzi yourself

Zongzi (Chinese. 粽子) is a traditional Chinese food made from glutinous rice,filled with various fillings and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. It is the most popular dish at the Dragon Boat Festival. Zongzi is steamed or boiled.


Zongzi, a traditional Chinese food, is not only different in shape, but also in taste from one place to another all over China. There are mainly two flavors of Zongzi, sweet or salty. Sweet Zongzi flavors include pure Zongzi, red bean Zongzi, broad bean Zongzi, date Zongzi, rose Zongzi, melon Zongzi, red bean and bacon Zongzi, and date pastes and lard Zongzi. Salty Zongzi flavors include Salted Pork Fat Zongzi, Sausage Zongzi, Ham Zongzi, Dried Shrimp Zongzi, and Diced Meat Zongzi. Nowadays, people even eat zongzi with mixed fillings. Such a variety of flavors makes the Zonggzi family a splendid legacy.

Minnan Zongzi

Roast pork zongzi and Soda Zongzi from Xiamen and Quanzhou gain their fame as two typical types of Minnan Zongzi, both at home and abroad. To make roast pork zongzi you have to use premium sticky rice with roast pork, mushrooms and dried shrimp, lotus seeds or braised pork soup as a filling. Locals often eat this type of zongzi with garlic, mustard, chili sauce, and other spices. Soda Zongzi are made from sticky rice and caustic soda. After steaming for several hours, they are best eaten cold and chilled. When eating Soda Zongzi, people often use honey and syrup. Zongzi beans are very popular in Quanzhou and use a mixture of beans and glutinous rice as a filling.

Zhejiang style Zongzi

Ningbo Zongzi, in the special shape of a square, have many varieties such as soda zongzi, red bean paste Zongzi and date paste Zongzi. The best known is Soda Zongzi, made from sticky rice soaked in soda water and then wrapped in yellow reed leaves.
Jiaxing Zongzi, in the shape of a triangle, use fresh meat, red bean paste or eight treasures (selection of certain ingredients of special dishes) as fillings. When you roll up this type of zongzi, people put a small piece of fatty meat in the sticky rice.
Zongzi sweet tea uses sweet tea in which the sticky rice is soaked and then completely steamed. This type of zongzi is light in color, mild and sweet in taste. Generations of people in the western mountain areas of Zhejiang Province have had the custom of making zongzi with sweet tea, rice with sweet tea, and congee with sweet tea.

Guangxi Zongzi

People in the central areas of Guangxi Province enjoy zongzi in the shape of a large pillow, each weighing more than half a kilogram. The people of the Guilin area prefer small, pillow-shaped zongzi. Especially the people in the northern part of Guilin eat zongzi in the shape of a dog's head. More importantly, the fillings differ from one place to another. The people of Guilin often add a little baking soda to the zongzi filling to make them tastier, while the Quanzhou people soak the sticky rice in straw-ash water to add extra flavor to the zongzi.

Cantonese-style Zongzi

They are represented by Xihualou and Xinya Zongzi, who have strong flavors and are flat-bottomed and shaped into a square or pentagon. Its fillings are chestnuts, fresh meat, egg yolks, mushrooms, roast duck and mushrooms. Huaiyang Style Zongzi, represented by Zongzi made by Laobanzhai and Yangzhou Hotel, are famous for their eight flavors and eight shapes. Typical examples are square date and red bean zongzi, ingot-shaped ham Zongzi, triangular bacon Zongzi, pillow-shaped chicken Zongzi, and diamond-shaped bean paste Zongzi. Vegetarian zongzi are made by the Gongdelin vegetarian restaurant and the flavors include mushroom zongzi, bean zongzi, and red bean zongzi. Some types of Muslim zongzi are offered at the Hongchangxing Muslim restaurant. Its beef zongzi are the most popular among the locals.

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How do you do zongzi?

Zongzi red beans

Wash the sticky rice and put it in water until it is thoroughly soaked.
Wash and soak the red beans for 1.5 hours and then mix it with the sticky rice.
Wash and cook the bamboo leaves for half an hour and then you put them in cold water to cool.
Take three or four pieces of bamboo leaves in the palm of your hand and fold the leaves into a cone-shaped or pyramid-shaped container and use a spoon to spoon the sticky rice and red bean mixture into this shape and bundle it with a grass-like piece of string. The wrapped zongzi must be firm before being cooked or steamed in this bundle, for two hours until they are completely baggy.

How to make sticky rice and pork zongzi

Ingredients: Bamboo leaves, pork belly, pork, sticky rice, soy sauce, salt.

1. Wash and cook the bamboo leaves for a few minutes until tender.
2. Cut the pork belly into the correct shape, add soy sauce and salt, and let sit for a night to soak the pork.
3. Wash the sticky rice and season with salt and soy sauce.
4. Fold two or three pieces of bamboo leaves into the shape of a bowl and first fill it with sticky rice and then add a piece of the bacon on top. Then, cover the whole thing with a leaf so that it forms a pyramid shape and bundle it together with a piece of grass-like string.
5. Put the bamboo leaves in a pot and then place the wrapped zongzi on top of the leaves. Then steam or cook them for three to four hours.

How to make Zongzi sweet tea

Main Ingredients: Sticky rice, sweet tea, and date jujube

Steam the sweet tea and extract the tea juice. Wash the sticky rice and put it in the tea juice.
Wrap the sticky rice and jujube in the bamboo leaves, put the zongzi and sweet tea together in a saucepan of water and cook for two hours.

How To Make Date Jujube Zongzi

Main Ingredients: Sticky rice, raisins, date jujube

Wash and cook the bamboo leaves for a few minutes until tender.
Wash the sticky rice and then soak it.
Put the jujubes in a bowl and after they have been steamed and are soft, crush them. Wash the raisins.
Take three leaves of bamboo in the palm of your hand, fold them into a pyramid-shaped container and use a spoon to add the sticky rice, date jujubes and raisins one at a time. Bundle it up with a grass-like piece of string.
Put the wrapped zongzi in a saucepan and add water. Let it simmer for two hours on the highest flame and then reduce it down to simmer for another three hours.

How to Make Mung Beans and Duck Egg Zongzi

Main Ingredients: Glutinous rice, mung beans, peanuts, cooked salty duck egg yolk

Wash and let the sticky rice and mung beans soak.
Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them.
Wash and cook the bamboo leaves for a few minutes until tender.
Fold the leaves in a funnel and use a spoon to pour the mixture into it. Bundle it with a piece of grass-like string.
Put the wrapped zongzi in a saucepan, add cold water, cook on a high flame for an hour, then reduce the heat and simmer for another hour.

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Famous Zongzi Brands in China:

Wufangzai Zongzi (a time-honored brand of China in Jiaxing, one of the top brands in China, and a well-known brand)
Zhenzhen Laolao Zongzi (a time-honored brand of China in Jiaxing)
Dao Xiangcun Zongzi (a venerable Chinese brand from 1895)
Holiland Zongzi (a famous business brand chain)
Sanquan Zongzi (one of the top brands in China)
Sinian Zongzi (one of the top brands in China)
Li Koufu Zongzi (a famous brand in Guangzhou)
Laobian Zongzi (a time-honored brand in China)
Miqi Zongzi (a famous brand in Xi'an since 1994)
Jinleyuan Zongzi (a famous brand in Tianjin from 1996)
Gongdelin Zongzi (a venerable Chinese brand in Shanghai from 1922)
Dasanyuan Zongzi (a famous brand in Beijing)
Xianpingwu Zongzi (a famous brand in Qingdao)
Shalana Zongzi (a famous brand in Chongqing)

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