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What is a relationship

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I keep getting e-mails asking me the following: What is a relationship, Mr. Winkler? To many it seems to be not really clear what a relationship is all about. Therefore I would like to take this email as an opportunity and define the term relationship more precisely.

Definition relationship

A relationship is characterized by the fact that the actions, thoughts and feelings of 2 people are related to each other. She means the actual interactions between 2 people in every respect. Relationships are very important in our society and make us more successful. Love relationships, on the other hand, also include intimacy between 2 people.

It is characterized by erotic attraction. In addition, love relationships testify to mutual acceptance. Love relationships can be distinguished between platonic relationships and sexual relationships. A platonic relationship means the relationship between 2 people without establishing sexual contact. It occurs when both partners consciously refrain from sexual exchange.

Sexual relationships, on the other hand, involve tenderness and sex. In addition, a relationship indicates that in Western culture it always begins with the consent of both. Unlike at the beginning, however, it can be ended unilaterally. This is also referred to as a separation. Relationships can be roughly divided into 4 phases. These are:

All 4 phases do not have to build on each other, but can also start in different order. For more information, see the article 4 Stages of a Relationship - Tips & Advice for Each Stage. Relationships can also be differentiated in terms of time. A short-term relationship is usually referred to as a love affair.

In the case of long-term relationships, on the other hand, of partnerships or communities. Short-term affairs can last for days, weeks or months. Intensive partnerships, on the other hand, are designed for years or decades. In addition to relationships with only one partner, there are also relationships with more than one partner. This is also called polyamory. If you want to learn more about this, read on too displayHow do I win a man's heart?

What is a relationship Conclusion

The term relationship can be subject to various facets. A relationship can be shaped socially as well as sexual affection.

Love relationships can also be subdivided into different sub-areas and can be conducted in pairs or in groups. I hope to have given you a little insight into the world of partnerships.

I look forward to your comments.

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