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How does cannabis smell? How to recognize the smell

This article is likely aimed at people who have no experience with cannabis, are curious, or just want to be educated. Most people know what cannabis or hash looks like, but you can't know what it smells like if you've never had an encounter with it. For many, this raises the question of how does cannabis actually smell?

First of all, it should be said that cannabis does not have a uniform smell - due to the different crossbreeds there are all sorts of variations from sweet to earthy. More on this in the next section. We interviewed people with no experience and they described it as follows.

“At first, the smell is reminiscent of strongly smelling flowers, which almost stings your nose. You can tell that this is something organic, but I could not subordinate that "

"It smells sweet, fruity and flowery."

"It smells strongly of sweet spices and flowers from the garden"

And of course there is the classic that simply says cannabis smells disgusting! For us, however, this is not a meaningful opinion, but a personal feeling.

Terpenes affect the smell

As mentioned earlier, cannabis can develop many different smells. The reason for this are different crossings (varieties), type of cultivation, weather, etc. - This results in the terpenes, which are largely responsible for the smell. In the plant world we find many other examples - lavender, oranges, pine trees - all of these plants get their great scent from terpenes.

It must be said that cannabis still has a characteristic smell of its own. For this reason, cannabis will not be confused with spices or any other flower, we guarantee that.

The most famous terpenes & their properties

Around 8,000 different terpenes are known in science. There are 5 terpenes in the cannabis plant that are commonly found. Some may wonder how versatile cannabis can be.


  • Flowery lavender aroma
  • Antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Soothing and anxiolytic effects


  • Sweet citrus smell
  • Invigorating and mood-enhancing effect


  • Earthy and spicy aroma
  • Calming and sedating effect
  • Synergy effect


  • Woody, sharp "pepper" aroma
  • anti-inflammatory effects


  • Tart woody fir tree aroma
  • Anti-inflammatory and asthma-relieving properties

The smell of cannabis smoke

Now the question may arise for one or the other, how cannabis smells when you smoke it. Everyone has certainly smelled of tobacco smoke at some point. It smells very burnt and bitter - the typical smell of tobacco, paper and other fragrances.

We in the EU often mix cannabis with tobacco. When enjoying a joint, the smoke is perceived as sweet - it is also often perceived as a kind of incense. The smell is really very intense and noticeable.